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  14.655, All: FUNd Drive FUN Friday: Percival the Cat

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  FUNd Drive FUN Friday
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  The Continuing Saga of Percival - The LINGUIST List Cat
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  A Percival to India...
    4) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Cocoa Mochi Cake by Kevin Roddy
    5) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate to LINGUIST and Contributors So Far

  14.656, Disc: "Deflation" and "Inflation"

    1) From:     Daniel Buncic <dbuncic at>
       Subject:  "Deflation" and "Inflation"
    2) From:     "W. Schulze" <W.Schulze at>
       Subject:  Re: 14.637, Disc: New: "Deflation" and "Inflation"

  14.657, Qs: Syntax, Lang Contact

    1) From:     Hans Heinrich Lieb <lieb at>
       Subject:  Qs: Present tense
    2) From:     "William Xu" <mandaravah at>
       Subject:  Lang Contact - Loan words in modern French

  14.658, Qs: English Lang Studies, Field Tape Recorders

    1) From:     Seiichi MYOGA <sm-myoga at>
       Subject:  English Lang Studies
    2) From:     Kevin Roddy <kroddy at>
       Subject:  Technology - recommendations for tape recorders in fieldwork

  14.659, Disc: New: Proof of Correctness in Best-First Parsing

    1) From:     Liang Huang <lhuang at>
       Subject:  Proof of Correctness in Best-First Parsing

  14.660, Calls: American Dialects/Automatic Learning Methods

    1) From:     remlingk at
       Subject:  American Dialect Society
    2) From:     ALAF 2003 - Workshop <alaf03 at>
       Subject:  Adaptation of Automatic Learning Methods for Analytical and Inflectional Languages

  14.661, Confs: WordNet for Dravidian Languages

    1) From:     arulmozi at
       Subject:  Workshop on WordNet for Dravidian Languages

  14.662, Calls: Celtic Ling/Building and Using Parallel Texts

    1) From:     Borsley R D <rborsley at>
       Subject:  4th Celtic Linguistics Conference
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Building and Using Parallel Texts

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