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  14.693, Review: Text/Corpus Linguistics: Getty (2002)

    1) From:     Marc Pierce <karhu at>
       Subject:  The Metre of Beowulf: A Constraint-Based Approach

  14.694, Diss: Computational Ling: Fouvry "Robust..."

    1) From:     fouvry at
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Fouvry "Robust Processing..."

  14.695, Books: Historical Ling, Dutch: Pijnenburg et al (eds.)

    1) From:     E.van.Broekhuizen at
       Subject:  Quod Vulgo Dicitur: Pijnenburg, Quak, Schoonheim (eds)

  14.696, Books: Sociolinguistics, Mandarin Chinese: Killingley

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Usage of pronouns, address and relationship terms in Chinese

  14.697, Qs: German Unaccusative, Baltic Linguistics

    1) From:     "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyre at>
       Subject:  unaccusative cognate object
    2) From:     Peter Öhl<oehl at>
       Subject:  Baltic Linguistics/ Latvian

  14.698, Books: Cognitive Science: Gunther (ed)

    1) From:     dgw at
       Subject:  Essays on Nonconceptual Content: Gunther (ed)

  14.699, Diss: Syntax: Sitaridou "The Synchrony..."

    1) From:     ioanna.sitaridou at
       Subject:  Syntax/Historical Ling: Sitaridou "The Synchrony..."

  14.700, Books: Lexicography, Welsh: Heinz

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Welsh Dictionaries in the twentieth century...

  14.701, Books: Ling & Literature, Russian: Franklin

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Writing, Society and Culture in Early Rus, c. 950-1300

  14.702, Books: Language Description, Luri: Anonby

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:   A Phonology of Southern Luri: Anonby

  14.703, Books: Syntax, French: Gledhill

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Fundamentals of French Syntax:  Gledhill

  14.704, Books: Language Description, Kyrgyz: Kara

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:   Kyrgyz Grammar: Kara

  14.705, Books: General Linguistics: Gruter, Takehisa (eds.)

    1) From:     theres.gruter at
       Subject:  McGill Working Papers in Linguistics 17:1 & 2

  14.706, Media: Technology Revitalizes Endangered Languages

    1) From:     Terry Langendoen <langendt at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Article - Technology Revitalizes Endangered Languages (fwd)

  14.707, Sum: Field Recording Equipment

    1) From:     Jim Long <jimlong at>
       Subject:  Summary of responses to my Query #14.606

  14.708, Calls: Ling Theory, AZ USA/General Ling, Norway

    1) From:     karimi at
       Subject: Western Conference on Linguistics 2003
    2) From:     dorothee.beermann at
       Subject:  Trondheim Summer School in Linguistics

  14.709, Calls: Generative Grammar/General Linguistics

    1) From:     cgg at
       Subject:  13th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
    2) From:     fr.mouret at
       Subject:  8th Doctoral Meeting in Linguistics

  14.710, Confs: Structural Equation Modeling, KS USA

    1) From:     hstorkel at
       Subject:  University of Kansas Summer Workshop on Structural Equation Modeling

  14.711, All: Graduate Assistants and Fan Mail on LINGUIST

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  The Cost of a LINGUIST Graduate Assistant
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  LINGUIST List Gets Fan Mail...
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Spotlight Our New Staff
    4) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate to LINGUIST and Contributors So Far

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