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  14.758, All: Jobs on LINGUIST & Happy St Patrick's Day

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Jobs on LINGUIST - Another Key Service from LINGUIST
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  A New Editor and LSA
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate to LINGUIST and Contributors So Far

  14.759, Qs: Noun Compounds, Relative Clauses

    1) From:     Florian Zellmayer <zellmayer at>
       Subject:  Variable ordering in N+N compounds
    2) From:     Florian Zellmayer <zellmayer at>
       Subject:  Definition of prototypical noun phrase
    3) From:     "Susanne Habla" <susanne-habla at>
       Subject:  Prototypical relative clause

  14.760, Qs: 'Into-Causatives', Possessive Noun Phrases

    1) From:     "Stefan Th. Gries" <STGries at>
       Subject:  VERB into VERBing
    2) From:     karen at
       Subject:  Possessive noun+pronoun in coordinated NP

  14.761, Qs: Aramaic and Hebrew, Field Recording Devices

    1) From:     Rambam26 at
       Subject:  Aramaic and Hebrew
    2) From:     Jim Long <jimlong at>
       Subject:  Field recording devices

  14.762, Qs: Syllable Perception, Paralinguistic Clicks

    1) From:     Anke Boewe <ankeboewe at>
       Subject:  syllable number as psycholinguistic variable
    2) From:     Mark Jones <paralinguistic_clicks at>
       Subject:  Paralinguistic clicks

  14.763, Confs: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, AZ USA

    1) From:     anac at
       Subject:  Symposium on Portuguese for Spanish Speakers: Acquisition and Teaching

  14.764, Calls: Salish and Neighboring Langs/Bulgarian Studies

    1) From:     jcb at
       Subject:  International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages
    2) From:     Charles Gribble <gribble.3 at>
       Subject:  Bulgarian studies conference

  14.765, Calls: Discourse & Dialogue/Empirical Methods in NLP

    1) From:     Alex Rudnicky <Alex.Rudnicky at>
       Subject:  4th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

  14.766, Calls: Rajasthani Lang/Cognitive Science

    1) From:     "Lakhan Gusain" <lgusain at>
       Subject:  Call for Papers on Rajasthani Language
    2) From:     Peter Slezak <p.slezak at>
       Subject:  UPDATE: Cognitive Science Conference, Sydney July 13-17.

  14.767, Disc: New: Performatives and Meaning

    1) From:     "Ahmad R.  Lotfi" <arlotfi at>
       Subject:  The meaning of meaning

  14.768, Confs: Update: Bilingualism, AZ USA

    1) From:     Jeff MacSwan <macswan at>
       Subject:  Update: 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism

  14.769, Confs: Computational Ling, Budapest, Hungary

    1) From:     Steven Krauwer <Steven.Krauwer at>
       Subject:  EACL2003 Workshop Programme, April 13-14

  14.770, Confs: Shallow Processing of Large Corpora, UK

    1) From:     "Kiril Simov" <kivs at>
       Subject:  Update: Workshop on Shallow Processing of Large Corpora

  14.771, Books: Phonetics/Phonology: van de Weijer et al (eds.)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  The Phonological Spectrum: van de Weijer et al (eds.)

  14.772, Books: Phonetics/Phonology: van de Weijer et al (eds.)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  The Phonological Spectrum Volume II: van de Weijer et al (eds.)

  14.773, Calls: Compositionality/Update: Generative Ling

    1) From:     pauline_jacobson at
       Subject:  Direct Compositionality: A Worskhop
    2) From:     Soo-Yeon Kim <kimsy at>
       Subject:  Update: Generative Ling in Asia 2003

  14.774, Books: Neuroling: Papathanasiou & de Bleser (eds.)

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  The Sciences of Aphasia: Papathanasiou & de Bleser (eds.)

  14.775, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 5 (2003)

    1) From:     "Neden, Julie (ELS)" <j.neden at>
       Subject:  Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 35 No 5 (2003)

  14.776, Diss: Socioling: Atkinson "Patterns of..."

    1) From:     John.Atkinson at
       Subject:  Socioling: Atkinson "Patterns of social, age and gender..."

  14.777, Diss: Lang Acquisition: Snape "Variability..."

    1) From:     nealsnape at
       Subject:  Lang Acquisition: Snape "Variability in the use of..."

  14.778, Calls: Digitizing/Annotating Texts & Field recordings

    1) From:     aristar at
       Subject:  2nd Call: Conference on Digitizing and Annotating Texts and Field Recordings:Best Practices

  14.779, FYI: New Website: Nordic Association of Linguists

    1) From:     Jussi Niemi <Jussi.Niemi at Joensuu.FI>
       Subject:  New Website: Nordic Association of Linguists (NAL)

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