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  14.809, Jobs: Applied Ling: Asst Prof,Old Dominion University

    1) From:     jbing at
       Subject:  Applied Linguistics: Asst Prof, Old Dominion University, VA, USA

  14.810, All: Calls & Conferences/Text & Computer Tools

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Calls and Conferences - Important Information...
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Look Inside The LINGUIST List Tool Box...
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate to LINGUIST and Contributors So Far

  14.811, Qs: Japanese/English Tone, Bilingual Corpora

    1) From:    Yuriko Matsushita <ym0270 at>
    2) From:     Carsten Otto <c.otto at>
       Subject:  Bilingual corpora

  14.812, Books: Pragmatics/Semantics, Spanish: Blackwell

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Implicatures in Discourse: Blackwell

  14.813, Books: Phonology/Morphology: Lahiri (ed.)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Analogy, Levelling, Markedness: Lahiri (ed.)

  14.814, Books: Pragmatics: Zelinsky-Wibbelt (ed)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Text, Context, Concepts: Zelinsky-Wibbelt (ed)

  14.815, Books: Historical Ling: Restle & Zaefferer (eds.)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Sounds and Systems: Restle & Zaefferer (eds.)

  14.816, Books: Language Description, Yukaghir: Maslova

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  A Grammar of Yukaghir: Maslova

  14.817, Books: Syntax, English: Rohdenburg, Mondorf (eds.)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Determinants of Grammatical Variation in English

  14.818, Books: Anthropological Ling: Niedzielski, Preston

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Folk Linguistics: Niedzielski, Preston

  14.819, Books: Historical Ling/Lexicography: Seebold (ed)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Kluge 24th Edition: Seebold (ed)

  14.820, Books: Syntax: Lang, Maienbon, Fabricius-Hansen (eds.)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Modifying Adjuncts: Lang, Maienbon, Fabricius-Hansen (eds.)

  14.821, Books: Historical Ling, Eng: Minkova, Stockwell (eds)

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  Studies in the History of the English Language

  14.822, Books: Text Linguistics, Wilamowice: Wicherkiewicz

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  The Making of a Language: Wicherkiewicz

  14.823, Books: Historical Ling, African American Eng: Kautzsch

    1) From:     mouton at
       Subject:  The Historical Evolution of Earlier African American English

  14.824, Books: Lang Planning (Socioling): Janse & Tol (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Language Death and Language Maintenance: Janse & Tol (eds)

  14.825, Sum: Adjective/Determiner Inflection in German NPs

    1) From:     Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy <andrew.carstairs-mccarthy at>
       Subject:  adjective and determiner inflection in German NPs

  14.826, Jobs: Computational Ling: Researcher, U/of Groningen

    1) From:     nerbonne at
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Researcher, University of Groningen, Netherlands

  14.827, Jobs: Syntax and Discourse Analysis: Lecturer, Cyprus

    1) From:     ppavlou at
       Subject:  Syntax and Discourse Analysis: Lecturer, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

  14.828, Calls: Multimodality/Journal of Universal Lang

    1) From:     j.e.b.simpson at
       Subject:  BAAL/CUP Seminar on Multimodality and Applied Linguistics
    2) From:     jytak at
       Subject:  Journal of Universal Language

  14.829, Calls: Indigenous Literatures/NLP & Multilingualism

    1) From:     mbrown at
       Subject:  Indigenous Literatures
    2) From:     malek.boualem at
       Subject:  Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Multilingualism

  14.830, Qs: Lang Description, Idiomatic Expressions

    1) From:     Joan Lee <jhlee at>
       Subject:  Lang Description Sinhalese
    2) From:     ruta saulyte <rsaulyte at>
       Subject:  Idiomatic Expressions

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