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  14.2418, Media: NYT: Speech Recognition Uses Lipreading

    1) From:     "Karen Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  NYT: Speech recognition uses lipreading

  14.2419, Diss: Syntax/Morphology: Hughes: 'Morphological...'

    1) From:     mhughes at
       Subject:  Morphological Faithfulness to Syntactic Representations

  14.2420, Diss: Phonology/Phonetics/Lang Acquisition: Carey

    1) From:     michael at
       Subject:  An L1-specific CALL pedagogy...

  14.2421, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Cymfony, Inc., NY

    1) From:     lindas at
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Computational Linguist, Cymfony, Inc., NY

  14.2422, Jobs: Arabic: Translator, SOS Interpreting LTD

    1) From:     rkasselian at
       Subject:  Translation: Translator, SOS Interpreting LTD, VA, USA

  14.2423, Confs: Theoretical Linguistics/Tromsoe, Norway

    1) From:     peter.svenonius at
       Subject:  Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics Conference in Linguistics

  14.2424, Confs: Phonetics/Phonology/Stony Brook, USA

    1) From:     ellen.broselow at
       Subject:  3rd Annual Long Island Sound Meeting

  14.2425, Confs: North Eastern Ling Society/Stony Brook, USA

    1) From:     nels at
       Subject:  34th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society

  14.2426, Confs: Computational Linguistics/Nancy, France

    1) From:     areces at
       Subject:  1st Nancy Inference Week

  14.2427, Jobs: Spanish Syntax: Asst Prof, U/of Illinois

    1) From:     j-hualde at
       Subject:  Spanish Syntax: Asst Prof, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

  14.2428, Jobs: Korean Language: Lecturer, U/of Illinois

    1) From:     jpackar at
       Subject:  Korean: Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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