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  14.2431, TOC: Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 2/4

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Vol 2 No 4 (2003)

  14.2432, Books: Socioling/Dialectology: Britain, Cheshire (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Social Dialectology: Britain, Cheshire

  14.2433, Books: Cog Science/Neuroling: van der Zee, Slack (eds)

    1) From:     tom.perridge at
       Subject:  Representing Direction in Language and Space: van der Zee, Slack

  14.2434, Calls: Linguistic Theories/CA USA; General Ling/Greece

    1) From:     raranovich at
       Subject:  23rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
    2) From:     staurou at
       Subject:  Generative Linguistics in the Old World

  14.2435, Calls: General Ling/China; Text/Corpus Ling/Cyprus

    1) From:     liaj at
       Subject:  TAL 2004
    2) From:     sylvieporhiel at
       Subject:  Regards croisés sur l'unité texte/Conjoint perspectives on text

  14.2436, Calls: Applied Ling/Bristol UK; General Ling/Portugal

    1) From:     jeanine.treffers-daller at
       Subject:  Vocabulary knowledge and use: measurements and applications
    2) From:     fmartinho at
       Subject:  14th Colloquium on Generative Grammar

  14.2437, TOC: IEEE Transactions on Prof Comm, Special Issue

    1) From:     t-orr at U-AIZU.AC.JP
       Subject:  IEEE Transactions on Prof Comm, Special Issue 46/3 (2003)

  14.2438, Calls: Forensic Linguistics/Lyon, France

    1) From:     valwagnerfr at
       Subject:  International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law

  14.2439, Confs: Language History & Contact/PA, USA

    1) From:     urih at
       Subject:  32nd Annual Meeting on New Ways of Analyzing Variation

  14.2440, Diss: Morphology/Phonology/Typology: Yu: 'The...'

    1) From:     aclyu at
       Subject:  The morphology and phonology of infixation

  14.2441, Qs: Eng Polar Opposites; Direction Word Order

    1) From:     michele bishop <mishbish at>
       Subject:  presenting polar opposites?
    2) From:     Ron Andrews <rja at>
       Subject:  Order of compass directions in different languages

  14.2442, Calls: Journal Call/Genres of Digital Documents

    1) From:     Kevin Crowston <crowston at>
       Subject:  Genres of Digital Documents

  14.2443, FYI: Individual Grant Opportunity, Phonetics

    1) From:     "Amy Moore" <amoore at>
       Subject:  IREX Grant Opportunities for US Scholars
    2) From:     "Karen Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  Phonetics discussion list

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