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  14.2457, Review: Language Description: Ball & Fife, eds. (2002)

    1) From:     Elizabeth J. Pyatt <ejp10 at>
       Subject:  The Celtic Languages

  14.2458, Review: Cognitive Science: Levinson (2003)

    1) From:     Thora Tenbrink <tenbrink at>
       Subject:  Space in Language and Cognition

  14.2459, FYI: New Grammar Site for School Teachers

    1) From:     Dick Hudson <dick at>
       Subject:  grammar site for school teachers

  14.2460, Qs: Coda Restrictions; French Corpus

    1) From:     Ingo Plag <plag at>
       Subject:  coda restrictions
    2) From:     Marie-Josée Goulet <marie-josee.goulet.1 at>
       Subject:  French corpus for summarization evaluation

  14.2461, Qs: Focus/Noun Paper Source; A/V Equipment

    1) From:     Agnes Bende-Farkas <agnes at>
       Subject:  Focus-affected Reading of Many, Few
    2) From:             Karen Condouris <kcondour at BU.EDU>
       Subject:       AV equipment for toddler research study

  14.2462, Calls: Semantics/Germany; Applied Ling/UK

    1) From:     zybatov at
       Subject:  Workshop on Event Structures in Linguistic Form and Interpretation
    2) From:     k.segall at
       Subject:  British Association of Applied Linguistics

  14.2463, Calls: Translation/Bonn, Germany

    1) From:     sseong at
       Subject:  Interface of Translation Studies: The Case of Korean

  14.2464, Confs: General Ling/Michigan, USA

    1) From:     pires at
       Subject:  Annual Meeting of the Michigan Linguistic Society

  14.2465, Confs: General Ling/Lisboa, Portugal

    1) From:     renata at
       Subject:  19th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Linguistics Society

  14.2466, Books: Socioling/Anthropological Ling: Muhlhausler

    1) From:     battlebridge at
       Subject:  Language of Environment: Muhlhausler

  14.2467, Books: Morph/Semantics/Socioling: Kouwenberg (ed)

    1) From:     battlebridge at
       Subject:  Twice as Meaningful: Kouwenberg (ed)

  14.2468, Books: Syntax, Korean: Yeon

    1) From: at
       Subject:  Korean Grammatical Constructions: Yeon

  14.2469, Confs: Syntax/General Ling/Detroit, USA

    1) From:     progovac at
       Subject:  Small Structures: Sentential and Nonsentential Analyses

  14.2470, Jobs: Cognitive Ling: Senior Researcher, California

    1) From:     flblock at
       Subject:  Cognitive Linguistics: Senior Researcher, The Rockridge Institute

  14.2471, Jobs: Cognitive Ling: Researcher/Post Doc, California

    1) From:     flblock at
       Subject:  Cognitive Linguistics: Researcher, The Rockridge Institute, CA, USA

  14.2472, Jobs: General Ling: Asst Prof, Northern Illinois Univ

    1) From:     rself at
       Subject:  General Linguistics: Asst Prof, Northern Illinois University

  14.2473, Jobs: General Ling: Chair, Northern Illinois Univ

    1) From:     rself at
       Subject:  General Linguistics: Chair, Northern Illinois University

  14.2474, Jobs: Cognitive Science: Researcher, Oregon

    1) From:     deshais at
       Subject:  Cognitive Science: Researcher, Oregon Health & Science University

  14.2475, Jobs: Applied Ling: Asst Prof, California State U

    1) From:     ezoerner at
       Subject:  Applied Ling: Asst Prof, California State U, Dominguez Hills

  14.2476, Jobs: Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute

    1) From:     cissewski at
       Subject:  Historical Ling: Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute

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