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  14.2501, Review: Psycholing/Socioling: Myers-Scotton (2003)

    1) From:     Alexander Rusakov <rusakov at>
       Subject:  Contact Linguistics: Bilingual Encounters and Grammatical Outcomes

  14.2502, Diss: Socioling/Lang Acquisition: See: 'The...'

    1) From:     g0300901 at
       Subject:  The mixed language policy

  14.2503, Diss: Phonology: van der Torre: 'Dutch...'

    1) From:     ejvdtorre at
       Subject:  Dutch sonorants

  14.2504, Books: Phonology, Western Atlantic Creole: Devonish

    1) From:     arawakpub at
       Subject:  Talking Rhythm Stressing Tone: Devonish

  14.2505, Books: Socioling, Jamaican English: Christie

    1) From:     arawakpub at
       Subject:  Language in Jamaica: Christie

  14.2506, Calls: Cognitive Ling/Germany; General Ling/CA USA

    1) From:     Peter Kühnlein <p at>
       Subject:  CFP: Compositionality, Concepts and Cognition
    2) From:     masano at
       Subject:  ICPLJ

  14.2507, Qs: African Text to Speech Research

    1) From:     Shun Ha Sylvia Wong <s.h.s.wong at>
       Subject:  Request: Information on African Text-To-Speech literatures

  14.2508, Qs: Human Rights Lang; Geminate/Ejective Consonants

    1) From:     chodkiew at
       Subject:  The language of human rights
    2) From:     john davis <tatamchwh at>
       Subject:  geminates and ejectives

  14.2509, Confs: Syntax/Semantics/Nijmegan, Netherlands

    1) From:     C.deVos at
       Subject:  7th Workshop on Optimality Theoretic Syntax

  14.2510, Calls: Applied Ling/Bristol, UK

    1) From:     h-daller at
       Subject:  Vocabulary knowledge and use: measurements and applications

  14.2511, Jobs: Psycholing: Post Doc, Washington University

    1) From:     msommers at
       Subject:  Psycholinguistics: Post Doc, Washington University

  14.2512, Review: Computational Ling: Mitkov (2002)

    1) From:     Peter Kühnlein <p at>
       Subject:  Anaphora Resolution

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