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  14.2533, Review: Historical Ling/Lang Description: Wexler (2002)

    1) From:     Ariann Stern <ari at>
       Subject:  Two-tiered Relexification in Yiddish

  14.2534, Review: Computational Ling: Ravin & Leacock (2002)

    1) From:     Eleni Koutsomitopoulou <e_koutso at>
       Subject:  Polysemy: Theoretical and Computational Approaches (paperback ed.)

  14.2535, Calls: Phonology/Nara, Japan

    1) From:     hiroki at
       Subject:  Speech Prosody 2004

  14.2536, Confs: Computational Linguistics/Lisbon, Portugal

    1) From:     Antonio.Branco at
       Subject:  Workshop on Tagging and Shallow Processing of Portuguese

  14.2537, Sum: Vietnamese English Translation

    1) From:     "Francisco Dubert" <fgdubert at>
       Subject:  Vietnamese English Translation

  14.2538, Disc: Genetic Clicks?

    1) From:     "Mark Jones" <markjjones at>
       Subject:  Re: 14.2532, Disc: Re: Genetic clicks?
    2) From:     "Roger Lass" <lass at>
       Subject:  Re: 14.2531, Disc: New: Genetic clicks?
    3) From:     Hartmut Traunmuller<hartmut at>
       Subject:  Genetic clicks?

  14.2539, Books: Phonology: McCarthy (ed)

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Optimality Theory in Phonology: McCarthy (ed)

  14.2540, Books: Phonetics: Ladefoged

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Phonetic Data Analysis: Ladefoged

  14.2541, Books: Semantics: Partee

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Compositionality in Formal Semantics: Partee

  14.2542, Books: Language Acquisition: Lust, Foley (eds)

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  First Language Acquisition: Lust, Foley (eds)

  14.2543, Books: Linguistic Theories: Gibson

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  From Naming to Saying: Gibson

  14.2544, Books: Applied Linguistics: Davies, Elder (eds)

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Handbook of Applied Linguistics: Davies, Elder (eds)

  14.2545, Books: Pragmatics: Horn, Ward (eds)

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Handbook of Pragmatics: Horn, Ward (eds)

  14.2546, Books: Semantics: Rothstein

    1) From:     jobrien at
       Subject:  Structuring Events: Rothstein

  14.2547, Books: Lexicography, Caribbean: Allsopp

    1) From:     arawakpub at
       Subject:  The Caribbean Multilingual Dictionary of Flora Fauna...

  14.2548, All: Obituary: Kathy Ferrara

    1) From:     Larry Mitchell <j-mitchell at>
       Subject:  Obituary: Kathy Ferrara

  14.2549, All: Obituary: Mary Ritchie Key

    1) From:     Sean Burke <sburke at>
       Subject:  Obituary: Mary Ritchie Key

  14.2550, Jobs: Semantics: Asst/Assoc Prof, U/British Columbia

    1) From:     dcarmen at
       Subject:  Formal Semantics: Asst Prof or Assoc Prof, U/British Columbia

  14.2551, Jobs: Applied Ling: Full Prof, U/Aizu, Japan

    1) From:     t-orr at
       Subject:  English & Applied Ling: Full Prof, The University of Aizu, Fukushima

  14.2552, Qs: Phonological Readjustment; German Homographs

    1) From:     Ora Matushansky <matushan at>
       Subject:  locality of readjustment
    2) From:     Sonja Haeffner <sonja.haeffner at>
       Subject:  Homophones and Homographs

  14.2553, Qs: DAT Tapes; VP Preposing

    1) From:     Tania Granadillo <taniag at>
       Subject:  Tapes for DAT
    2) From:     Byung-Choon Lee <byungchoon.lee at>
       Subject:  VP-Preposing

  14.2554, Qs: Trivalent Verbs

    1) From:     Florian Zellmayer <zellmayer at>
       Subject:  Trivalent verbs with 1/2 person theme or patient

  14.2555, Confs: General Linguistics/Lisbon, Portugal

    1) From:     m.rutecosta at
       Subject:  2nd International Terminology Conference - CIT 2003

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