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  14.2569, TOC: USC Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol 1 (2003)

    1) From:     Nihan Ketrez <ketrez at>
       Subject:  USC Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol 1 (2003)

  14.2570, TOC: Cognitive Linguistics (2003) [Special Issue]

    1) From:     julia.ulrich at
       Subject:  Special Issue of Cognitive Linguistics, 14-2/3 (2003)

  14.2571, TOC: Anthropological Linguistics, 45/1 (Spring 2003)

    1) From:     anthling at
       Subject:  Anthropological Linguistics, Vol 45 No 1 (Spring 2003)

  14.2572, FYI: Online Research Tools

    1) From:     Paul Peranteau <paul at>
       Subject:  Online research tools

  14.2573, Diss: Syntax: Mahand: 'Scrambling in Persian'

    1) From:     mrmahand2001 at
       Subject:  Scrambling in Persian

  14.2574, Qs: Text Letter-Order Study; Bilingual Children

    1) From:     "Christina Sanchez" <Christina.Sanchez at>
       Subject:  Question about study
    2) From:     Stefan Ploch <ploch at>
       Subject:  Raising children bilingual or not bilingual?

  14.2575, Qs: Ethnographic Study Equipment

    1) From:     Lida Cope <dutkovacopel at>
       Subject:  micro-ethnography with young children/equipment

  14.2576, Review: Lexicography/German: Beaton (1996/2001)

    1) From:     Charley Rowe <Charley.Rowe at>
       Subject:  A Practical Dictionary of German Usage

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