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  15.2187, Books: Sociolinguistics: Joseph

    1) From:     palgravemacmillan at
       Subject:  Language and Identity: Joseph

  15.2188, Books: Sociolinguistics: Koller

    1) From:     palgravemacmillan at
       Subject:  Metaphor and Gender in Business Media Discourse: Koller

  15.2189, Books: Language Acquisition: Malvern et al

    1) From:     palgravemacmillan at
       Subject:  Lexical Diversity and Language Development: Malvern, Chipere, Richards, Duran

  15.2190, Qs: Phonostatistical Characteristics;Named Entities

    1) From:     "Yuri Tambovtsev" <yutamb at>
       Subject:  World languages and documentation
    2) From:     "Phan Xuan Hieu" <hieuxuan at>
       Subject:  Named entity recognition tools?

  15.2191, TOC: Lang Culture & Curriculum 17:1 (2004)

    1) From:     marketing at
       Subject:   Language Culture & Curriculum Vol 17 No 1, 2004

  15.2192, TOC: Language & Education 18:4 (2004)

    1) From:     marketing at
       Subject:   Language & Education Vol 18 No 4

  15.2193, FYI: Volunteer Researcher Position at Harvard

    1) From:     bcollins at
       Subject:  Lang Assessment Researcher Position, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA

  15.2194, TOC: Estudios de Sociolinguistica 5:1 (2004)

    1) From:     framallo at
       Subject:   Estudios de Sociolinguistica 5:1

  15.2195, FYI: Finalists in the Lang Learner Literature Award

    1) From:     Richard Day <rday at>
       Subject:  Finalists in the ERF Language Learner Literature Award

  15.2196, Qs: IPA Font for Mac

    1) From:     Fay Wouk <f.wouk at>
       Subject:  IPA font for Mac OS 10.3

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