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  15.2246, Qs: Idiolect; Turn-taking

    1) From:     Kirk Hazen <Kirk.Hazen at>
       Subject:  Origin of the term "idiolect"
    2) From:     "Reada Tartory" <raeda225 at>
       Subject:  Theses

  15.2247, Support: Phonetics: PhD Student, University of Toronto

    1) From:     tim.bressmann at
       Subject:  Phonetics: PhD Student, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  15.2248, Support: Lang Acquisition: PhD position, U Paderborn

    1) From:     joerg.kessler at
       Subject:  Support: Lang Acquisition: PhD Student, U Paderborn

  15.2249, FYI: 4th Intl Phd School/Formal Languages

    1) From:     "Carlos Martin-Vide" <cmv at>
       Subject:  4th International PhD School in Formal Languages and Applications

  15.2250, Jobs: English: Instructor, Zhenjiang, China

    1) From:     sxx-4 at
       Subject:  English: Manager, Zhenjiang Xinyan Training Center

  15.2251, Jobs: Linguistics: Asst Prof/Lecturer, Texas

    1) From:     d-eiland at
       Subject:  Jobs: General Linguistics: Visiting Assistant Professor / Visiting Instructor, Texas A&M University, TX, USA

  15.2252, Jobs: Cognitive Science: Asst Prof, Massachusetts,USA

    1) From:     heather.mccormick at
       Subject:  Jobs: Cognitive Science: Asst Prof, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA

  15.2253, Jobs: Translator, ASET International, VA, USA

    1) From:     live at
       Subject:  Jobs: Translation: Translator, ASET International, VA, USA

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