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  15.1960, Sum: Cognitive Phonology

    1) From:     Andre Luiz Souza <souzandreluiz at>
       Subject:  Summary Part 1 - Cognitive Phonology

  15.1961, Diss: Pragmatics/Semantics: Wong: 'A...'

    1) From:     jockonn at
       Subject:  A Semantic and Cultural Interpretation of Singapore English

  15.1962, FYI: Summer Program in Turkish, Fatih University

    1) From:     Hüseyin Özcan <hozcan at>
       Subject:  Summer Program for Learning Turkish Language and Culture

  15.1963, FYI: New Journal: Mon-Khmer Studies

    1) From:     academic_books at
       Subject:  New Journal: Mon-Khmer Studies

  15.1964, Qs: Chinese Learners' English

    1) From:     "Eoghan O'  Brien" <9739777 at>
       Subject:  Chinese learner English

  15.1965, Diss: Applied Ling/Comp Ling: Sassen: 'Linguistic...'

    1) From:     claudia.sassen at
       Subject:  Linguistic Dimensions of Crisis Talk...

  15.1966, Jobs: Comp Ling: Formalization Engineer, Delphes

    1) From:     cbeaudet at
       Subject:  Comp Ling: Formalization Engineer, Delphes Technologies International

  15.1967, Jobs: Arabic: Lecturer, University of Iowa

    1) From:     william-davies at
       Subject:  Arabic Language Lecturer: Lecturer, University of Iowa, IA, USA

  15.1968, Jobs: German & Socioling: Researcher, U/Southampton

    1) From:     prs1 at
       Subject:  German & Sociolinguistics: Researcher, University of Southampton, UK

  15.1969, Jobs: Comp Ling: Support Engineer, Ask Jeeves, Inc.

    1) From:     tfelicienne at
       Subject:  C/C++, .net/c#, Iis/asp Sql Xml: Support Engineer, Ask Jeeves, Inc.

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