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  15.740, Qs: Word Origin Proportions; Kannada Loanwords

    1) From:     Lisa Hayes <peniaribrat at>
       Subject:  Word proportions
    2) From:     Diane Abraham <dmabraha at>
       Subject:  Kannada Loanword Phonology

  15.741, Calls: Applied Ling/Netherlands; General Ling/USA

    1) From:     ms.schmid at
       Subject:  2nd International Conference on First Language Attrition
    2) From:     objork at
       Subject:  South Central Modern Language Association Convention

  15.742, Calls: Computational Ling/France; Applied Ling/USA

    1) From:     Philippe Schlenker <schlenke at>
       Subject:  Semantic Approaches to Binding Theories
    2) From:     National Foreign Language Resource Center <nflrc at>
       Subject:  Cultural Diversity and Language Education

  15.743, Diss: Phonetics: Knight: 'Peaks and Plateaux...'

    1) From:     rachaelanne at
       Subject:  Peaks and Plateaux: The production and perception...

  15.744, Books: Applied Linguistics: Bromber et al (Eds.)

    1) From:     julia.ulrich at
       Subject:  Globalisation and African Languages: Bromber, Smieja (Eds.)

  15.745, Books: Syntax/Philosophy of Language: Borer

    1) From:     tom.perridge at
       Subject:  Structuring Sense, Volume 1: Borer
    2) From:     tom.perridge at
       Subject:  Structuring Sense, Volume 2: Borer (Ed.)

  15.746, Books: Phonetics: Stuart-Smith

    1) From:     tom.perridge at
       Subject:  Phonetics and Philology: Stuart-Smith

  15.747, Books: Phonology/Typology: Jun

    1) From:     tom.perridge at
       Subject:  Prosodic Typology: Jun

  15.748, Books: Research Methods: Litosseliti

    1) From:     ksayers at
       Subject:  Using Focus Groups in Research: Litosseliti

  15.749, Books: Psycholinguistics: Granger

    1) From:     marketing at
       Subject:  Silence in Second Language Acquisition: Granger

  15.750, Books: Cognitive Science: Achard et al (Eds.)

    1) From:     julia.ulrich at
       Subject:  Cognitive Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Foreign Language Teaching: Achard, Niemeier (Eds.)

  15.751, Review: Historical Ling/Socioling: Tuten (2003)

    1) From:     Angela Bartens <angela.bartens at>
       Subject:  Koineization in Medieval Spanish

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