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  15.762, Books: General Linguistics: Arunachalam et al (Eds.)

    1) From:     sarunach at
       Subject:  Proceedings of the 27th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium: Arunachalam, Scheffler (Eds.)

  15.763, Books: Anthropological Linguistics: Brown, Blythe

    1) From:     nostler at
       Subject:  Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land: Brown, Blythe

  15.764, Calls: Lang Acquisition/USA; General Ling/Journal

    1) From:     bds at
       Subject:  Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition--North America
    2) From:     jouni.rostila at
       Subject:  SKY Journal of Linguistics

  15.765, Calls: General Ling/Journal; Computational Ling/Spain

    1) From:     Leonor Santos <leonor at>
       Subject:  ABRALIN Journal
    2) From:     keller at
       Subject:  ACL-04 Workshop on Incremental Parsing: Bringing Engineering and Cognition Together

  15.766, Calls: Historical Linguistics/USA

    1) From:     Angelo Mercado maom at
       Subject:  16th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

  15.767, TOC: J/o Pragmatics Vol 36, No 3

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of Pragmatics, Vol 36, Issue 3

  15.768, Sum: Cross-Cultural Pragmatics; LFG Parser

    1) From:     Fay Wouk <f.wouk at>
       Subject:  Summary: Cross-cultural pragmatics
    2) From:     Petra Gieselmann <petra at>
       Subject:  LFG Parser

  15.769, Sum: Most Frequently Used German Words

    1) From:     christina mendez <christina at>
       Subject:  Most Frequently Used German Words

  15.770, Software: Call for reviewers

    1) From:     Terry Langendoen <terry at>
       Subject:  Call for reviewers

  15.771, Jobs: Computational Ling, Researcher, OeFAI, Austria

    1) From:     ernst at
       Subject:  German, Standard & Computational Linguistics: Researcher, OeFAI

  15.772, Jobs: Translation: Lecturer, Aristotle U, Greece

    1) From:     ekitis at
       Subject:  English, Greek, & Translation: Lecturer, Aristotle University

  15.773, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, U/Bergen

    1) From:     gisle.andersen at
       Subject:  Norwegian & Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, U/of Bergen

  15.774, Jobs: Computational Ling: Lecturer, Aristotle U

    1) From:     ekitis at
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Lecturer, Aristotle University, Greece

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