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  15.788, Confs: Text/Corpus Ling/Nicosia, Cyprus

    1) From:     sylvieporhiel at
       Subject:  Regards croisés sur l'unité tex te/Conjoint perspectives on text

  15.789, Confs: General Linguistics/Lyon, France

    1) From:     elisabeth.lazcano at
       Subject:  Ecole européenne d'été : Constitution, transmiss ion, circulation des savoirs relatifs au langage

  15.790, Confs: Sociolinguistics/Tokyo, Japan

    1) From:     sugaih at
       Subject:  The National Institute of Japanese Language 11th International Symposium

  15.791, Confs: General Linguistics/Cambridge, UK

    1) From:     es292 at
       Subject:  The University of Cambridge 2nd Postgraduate Conference in Language Research

  15.792, Confs: General Linguistics/Leipzig, Germany

    1) From:     modusponens at
       Subject:  35. Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft | 35th Students Conference on Linguistics

  15.793, Review: Semantics: Halpern (2003)

    1) From:     Leonor Santos <leonor at>
       Subject:  Reasoning about Uncertainty

  15.794, Review: Lang Acquisition/Socioling: Kreyer (2003)

    1) From:     Rolf Kreyer <rkreyer at>
       Subject:  Information Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition

  15.795, FYI: News from Linguistic Bibliography and BLonline

    1) From:     Sijmen Tol <bl at>
       Subject:  News from Linguistic Bibliography and BLonline

  15.796, Review: correction to 15.794: Dimroth & Starren(2003)

    1) From:     reviews at
       Subject:  correction

  15.797, Jobs: Discourse Analysis: Full Prof, Vienna U

    1) From:     helmut.k.gruber at
       Subject:  German & Discourse Analysis: Full Prof, Vienna University

  15.798, Jobs: General Ling: Full Prof, Tübingen University

    1) From:     kurt.kohn at
       Subject:  English & General Linguistics: Full Prof, Tübingen University

  15.799, Jobs: Syntax: Lecturer, Oxford University

    1) From:     stephen.pulman at
       Subject:  Syntax: Lecturer, Oxford University, United Kingdom

  15.800, Jobs: TESOL/TEFL: Lecturer, University of Marburg

    1) From:     zimmerma at
       Subject:  German & TESOL/TEFL: Lecturer, University of Marburg

  15.801, Jobs: Area Open: Researcher, Research Council/Canada

    1) From:     sara.terris at
       Subject:  Area Open: Researcher, National Research Council of Canada

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