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  15.808, FYI: Dissertation Series LOT Now Online

    1) From:     Heuvel, Keetje van den <Keetje.vandenHeuvel at>
       Subject:  Dissertation Series Now Online, Netherlands Graduate School of Ling

  15.809, FYI: Language and Gender: an Online Survey

    1) From:     Jo Winter <jewinter at>
       Subject:  Language and Gender: an Online Survey

  15.810, Calls: General Ling/Japan; Ling Theories/France

    1) From:     "Satoshi Tojo" <tojo at>
       Subject:  1st International Workshop on Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication
    2) From:     Philippe Schlenker <schlenke at>
       Subject:  Semantic Approaches to Binding Theory

  15.811, Calls: Typology/France; Computational Ling/Switzerland

    1) From:     marion.blondel at
       Subject:  Typology of Poetic Forms
    2) From:     kjokinen at
       Subject:  Robust and Adaptive Information Processing for Mobile Speech Interfaces

  15.812, Media: NYT: '... Old Texts Gain Digital Life'

    1) From:     "Karen Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  Media: NYT: Digitalizing ancient texts

  15.813, Diss: Applied Ling: Abdulmoneim: 'Foregrounded...'

    1) From:     shokr21 at
       Subject: Foregrounded elements in the major poems of Carl Sandburg

  15.814, TOC: J/o Politeness Research

    1) From:     julia.ulrich at
       Subject:  Journal of Politeness Research: Language, Behaviour, Culture

  15.815, TOC: J/o Communication Disorders Vol 37, No 2

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 37, Issue 2

  15.816, TOC: Lingua Special Issue Vol 114, No 6

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Lingua Special Issue, Volume 114, Issue 6

  15.817, Confs: Lang Acquisition/French/Montreal, Canada

    1) From:     jak.archibald at
       Subject:  Le français de la santé

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