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  15.827, Support: Uru-Chipaya Fieldwork: Doctoral Student, DOBES

    1) From:     ILCA <ilca at>
       Subject:  Spanish/Uru-Chipaya and Descriptive Ling: Doctoral Student, DOBES

  15.828, Support: French, Spanish, or Japanese: TA, Syracuse U

    1) From:     William Ritchie <writchie at>
       Subject:  French, Spanish, or Japanese: Teaching Assistantships, Syracuse U

  15.829, Calls: Applied Ling/USA; Syntax/Poland

    1) From:     mjcurry at
       Subject:  World Congress on Applied Linguistics
    2) From:     jcosta at
       Subject:  Lisbon Workshop on Alternative views on the Functional Domain

  15.830, Calls: Computational Ling/Spain; Applied Ling/Journal

    1) From:     graham.wilcock at
       Subject:  ACL 2004 Workshop on RDF/RDFS and OWL in Language Technology
    2) From:     ajwurr at
       Subject:  The Reading Matrix: An International Journal

  15.831, Calls: Applied Ling/Journal; General Ling/France

    1) From:     "Dr. Evren Alpaslan, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey" <evren at HACETTEPE.EDU.TR>
       Subject:  Journal of Linguistics
    2) From:     Shuly Wintner <shuly at>
       Subject:  9th Conference on Formal Grammar

  15.832, Qs: Pronoun Structure; Experiment Design

    1) From:     fredrik heinat <fredrik.heinat at>
       Subject:  structure of pronouns
    2) From:     "alison davies" <alid46 at>
       Subject:  Question:Lightbown & Spada article

  15.833, Jobs: English Lang/Ling: Full Prof, U/Edinburgh

    1) From:     patrick.honeybone at
       Subject:  English Lang/Ling: Full Prof, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  15.834, Jobs: Translation: Project Manager, WTB Lang Group

    1) From:     sandra at
       Subject:  Translation: Project Manager, WTB Language Group Inc., Canada

  15.835, Jobs: Phonology/Syntax: Visiting Asst. Prof, Cornell

    1) From:     acc4 at
       Subject:  Phonology/Syntax: Visiting Asst. Professor, Cornell University

  15.836, Jobs: Computational Ling: Programmer, CodeRyte Inc

    1) From:     nossal at
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Programmer, CodeRyte Inc., MD

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