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  15.901, Qs: Cross-ling Secret/Nonsense Language Names

    1) From:     Leena Kolehmainen <lkolehma at>
       Subject:  Secret Language Names

  15.902, Qs: Lexical Polysemy; Greek Diphthong Development

    1) From:     "Daniela.Marzo" <Daniela.Marzo at>
       Subject:  Questions: lexical polysemy and cognitive/semantic transparency
    2) From:     "Szelog, Mike" <Mike.Szelog at>
       Subject:  Help with Hist. & Dev. of Greek

  15.903, Calls: Lang Acquisition/USA

    1) From:     langconf at
       Subject:  Boston University Conference on Language Development

  15.904, Calls: General Ling/Belgium; Cognitive Science/UK

    1) From:     tblt at
       Subject:  International Conference on Task Based Language Teachting: From Theory to Practice
    2) From:     acangelosi at
       Subject:  9th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop: Modelling Language, Cognition and Action

  15.905, Confs: General Linguistics/Hungary

    1) From:     tilt at
       Subject:  Tools in Linguistic Theory 2004

  15.906, Confs: Historical Ling/Germany

    1) From:     ioanna.sitaridou at
       Subject:  Multilingualism and Diachronic Change: Multilingualism in the Individual and in the Societies; its Influence on Language Change.

  15.907, Calls: Computational Ling/Journal; Computational Ling

    1) From:     Thomas Orr <t-orr at>
       Subject:  IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
    2) From:     Declerck <declerck at>
       Subject:  Natural Language Processing and Multimedia ESSLLI Workshop

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