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  15.1028, Calls: General Ling/USA; Logic/Germany

    1) From:     jwherrin at
       Subject:  Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium
    2) From:     Wiebe van der Hoek <WiebevanderHoek at>
       Subject:  6th Conference on Logic and the Foundataions of Game and Decision Theory

  15.1029, Calls: General Ling/USA

    1) From:     Franca Ferrari <ff244 at>
       Subject:  Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association

  15.1030, Review: General Linguistics: Crystal (2003)

    1) From:     Sara Laviosa <saralaviosa at>
       Subject:  The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

  15.1031, Review: Sociolinguistics: Schmid (2001)

    1) From:     David Golumbia <dgolumbi at>
       Subject:  The Politics of Language

  15.1032, Diss: Socioling: Ferreira: 'The Portuguese...'

    1) From:     jsferreira at
       Subject:  The Portuguese Language in Trinidad & Tobago...

  15.1033, FYI: SMG Bibliography of Suppletion

    1) From:     Greville Corbett <g.corbett at>
       Subject:  SMG Bibliography of Suppletion

  15.1034, Sum: Pronunciation Poem

    1) From:     "Alan Roberts" <a.roberts at>
       Subject:  "ough" poem

  15.1035, Media: Scientific American: Draining the Language...

    1) From:     Bert Cappelle <Bert.Cappelle at>
       Subject:  linguistics in Scientific American

  15.1036, Qs: English 'At All'; First Linguistics Journal

    1) From:     Ronnie Wilbur <wilbur at>
       Subject:  semantics of 'at all'
    2) From:     Mohammad Etedali <etedali at>
       Subject:  First Journal in Linguistics

  15.1037, All: Spotlight: Programmer Zhenwei Chen

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Spotlight: Programmer Zhenwei Chen
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate...
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Contributors So Far....

  15.1038, Jobs: General Ling: Adjunct Prof, U/Sheffield

    1) From:     a.r.linn at
       Subject:  General Linguistics: Adjunct Professor, University of Sheffield, UK

  15.1039, Jobs: Old and Middle English: Lecturer, U/Sheffield

    1) From:     a.r.linn at
       Subject:  Old and Middle English: Client Services Executive, U/Sheffield, UK

  15.1040, Jobs: Korean: Translator, Sehda, Inc.

    1) From:     karen at
       Subject:  Korean & Translation: Translator, Sehda, Inc.

  15.1041, Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Reader, U/York, UK

    1) From:     sjh1 at
       Subject:  Sociolinguistics: Reader, University of York, United Kingdom

  15.1042, Review: Philo of Lang/Cog Sci: Jackendoff (2003)

    1) From:     Oren Sadeh-Leicht <Oren.SadehLeicht at>
       Subject:  Foundations of Language: Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution

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