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16.2250, Review: Historical Ling/Syntax: Fuss and Trips (2004)

  1) From:      Brady Clark < bzc313 at >

16.2251, Qs: Cyrillic Letters; Superlative of Two

  1) From:      Deborah Anderson < dwanders at >
     Subject:   Cyrillic Letters in Various Orthographies

  2) From:      Blake Boulerice < blake.boulerice at >
     Subject:   Superlative of Two

16.2252, Diss: Pragmatics/Semantics: Low: 'The Phenomenon ..'

  1) From:      Ring Mei Han Low < mlow at >
     Subject:   The Phenomenon of the Word THE in English - discourse functions and distribution patterns

16.2253, Calls: Computational Ling/USA; Cognitive Science/Russia

  1) From:      Jana Sukkarieh < jana.sukkarieh at >
     Subject:   Natural Language and Knowledge Representation

  2) From:      Denis Akhapkin < denis at >
     Subject:   2nd Biennial Conference on Cognitive Science

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