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16.650, Confs: Computational Ling/Bordeaux, France

  1) From:      Maxime Amblard < amblard at >
     Subject:   Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005 - 5th International Conference

16.651, Calls: Applied Ling/Lang Acquisition/Taiwan; Comp Ling/UK

  1) From:      In-Seok Kim < timmykim at >
     Subject:   3rd Asia-Pacific Association of Multimedia Assisted Language Learning (APAMALL) Conference

  2) From:      Shalom Lappin < lappin at >
     Subject:   Lambda Calculus, Type Theory and Natural Language

16.652, Calls: Historical Ling/English/USA; Comp Ling/France

  1) From:      Susan Fitzmaurice < susan.fitzmaurice at >
     Subject:   Studies in the History of the English Language 4

  2) From:      Renaud Marlet < marlet at >
     Subject:   Student Session - Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2005

16.653, Review: Ling Theories/Romance: Bok-Bennema et al. (2004)

  1) From:      Ioana Dascalu < ioana_dascalu2000 at >
     Subject:   Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002

16.654, Review: General Linguistics/English: Burridge (2004)

  1) From:      Robert Mailhammer < Robert.Mailhammer at >
     Subject:   Blooming English

16.655, Disc: New: Isoglosses and the Midland

  1) From:      Tom Kun < tomkun83 at >
     Subject:   Isoglosses and the Midland

16.656, Calls: Computational Ling/USA; General Ling/Spain

  1) From:      Christof Monz < christof at >
     Subject:   ACL 2005 Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts: Data-Driven Machine Translation and Beyond

  2) From:      Karen Lahousse < Karen.Lahousse at >
     Subject:   Sentence-Initial and Sentence-Final Positions: On the Interplay between Syntax, Semantics and Information Structure

16.657, Calls: Comp Ling/Semitic/USA; Comp Ling/Semantics/USA

  1) From:      Mona Diab < mdiab at >
     Subject:   ACL 05 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages

  2) From:      Chris Brockett < chrisbkt at >
     Subject:   ACL 2005 Workshop: Empirical Modeling of Semantic Equivalence and Entailment

16.658, Calls: Computational Ling/USA; Computational Ling/USA

  1) From:      Anna Korhonen < alk23 at >
     Subject:   ACL 2005 Workshop on Deep Lexical Acquisition

  2) From:      Eric Ringger < ringger at >
     Subject:   ACL 2005 Workshop on Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing

16.659, Calls: Discourse Analysis/France; General Ling/Germany

  1) From:      Albert Di Cristo < albert.dicristo at >
     Subject:   Discourse Prosody Interface 2005

  2) From:      Juliana Goschler < juliana.mehls at >
     Subject:   Theme Session: Metaphors in Science and Technology

16.660, Calls: Psycholing/Poland; Cognitive Science/Sweden

  1) From:      Adam Pawlowski < apawlow at >
     Subject:   2nd International Speech Therapy Conference

  2) From:      Richard Breheny < richardb at >
     Subject:   European Society for Philosophy and Psychology

16.661, Calls: Lang Acquisition/China; Cognitive Science/UK

  1) From:      Hao Wang < billhao at >
     Subject:   3rd International Conference on Formal Linguistics & the 2nd Yuelu Workshop on Language Acquisition

  2) From:      Vyv Evans < vyv at >
     Subject:   New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics: First UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference

16.662, Confs: Semantics/Buffalo, NY, USA

  1) From:      Juergen Bohnemeyer < jb77 at >
     Subject:   The Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 3

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