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16.638, Jobs: Comp Ling: Post Doc, U of Marne-la-Vallée

  1) From:      Eric Laporte < eric.laporte at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Marne-la-Vallée, France

16.639, Jobs: Chinese/Mandarin/Comp Ling, Developer, France

  1) From:      Bianka Buschbeck < bianka.buschbeck at >
     Subject:   Chinese/Mandarin & Computational Linguistics: Developer, Temis , France

16.640, Support: Comp Ling: PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

  1) From:      Simon King < Simon.King at >
     Subject:   Comp Ling: PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

16.641, Support: Phonetics: PhD Student, Queen Margaret U College

  1) From:      James Scobbie < jscobbie at >
     Subject:   Applied Phonetics: PhD Student, Queen Margaret University College, United Kingdom

16.642, Sum: Unmarked Contour Tone

  1) From:      Joaquim de Carvalho < jbrandao at >
     Subject:   Unmarked Contour Tone

16.643, Media: NYT: Automatic Parsing

  1) From:      Karen Chung < karchung at >
     Subject:   NYT: Automatic Parsing

16.644, Media: Guardian: Hobbit saga ends with human connection

  1) From:      Mark Jones < markjjones at >
     Subject:   Brain modelling of Homo floresiensis

16.645, Qs: Identity in Balkans; Origin of Agreement Systems

  1) From:      Harold Schiffman < haroldfs at >
     Subject:   Linguistic Identity in the Balkans

  2) From:      Greville Corbett < g.corbett at >
     Subject:   Origin of Agreement Systems

16.646, Sum: English Word Stress Database

  1) From:      Sarah Collie < sejcollie at >
     Subject:   English Word Stress Database

16.647, Jobs: English Ling: Academic Director, U of Maryland

  1) From:      R Hoffman < writingdir at >
     Subject:   English Linguistics: Academic Director, University of Maryland University College, MD, USA

16.648, Jobs: English/Historical Ling: Asst Prof, U of Kentucky

  1) From:      Lucy Combs < lcombs at >
     Subject:   English/Historical Linguistics: Visiting Asst Prof, University of Kentucky, KY, USA

16.649, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

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