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16.846, Disc: Penultimate Posting: Disc: Controversies in AL

  1) From:      Ronald Sheen < rsheen at >
     Subject:   Disc: Controversies in AL: Re: 16.844, Correction

16.847, Disc: Re: Media: BBC: Welsh-Hindi Link

  1) From:      Steve Hewitt < s.hewitt at >
     Subject:   Welsh-Hindi link

16.848, Books: Ling Theories/Socioling: Linell

  1) From:      Lauren McGraw < Lauren.McGraw at >
     Subject:   The Written Language Bias in Linguistics: Linell

16.849, Books: Anthro Ling/Historical Ling/Socioling: Tsunoda

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Language Endangerment and Language Revitalization: Tsunoda

16.850, Books: Cog Sci/Neuroling: Johansson

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Origins of Language: Johansson

16.851, TOC: Nordlyd 32/2 (2004)

  1) From:      Peter Svenonius < peter.svenonius at >
     Subject:   Nordlyd Vol. 32, No. 2 (2004)

16.852, Books: Cog Sci/Semantics:Maeder, Fischer, Herlofsky (Eds)

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Outside-In - Inside-Out: Maeder, Fischer, Herlofsky (Eds)

16.853, Books: Disc Analysis/Pragmatics: Halmari, Virtanen (Eds)

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Persuasion Across Genres: Halmari, Virtanen (Eds)

16.854, Diss: Pragmatics: Cohen: 'Intensive Reflexives ...'

  1) From:      Dana Cohen < cattc at >
     Subject:   Intensive Reflexives from Sentence to Discourse

16.855, Graduate: Directories, XML and spam in four languages!

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   The true personal story of LINGUIST Editor Amy Renaud

  2) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   How to donate...

  3) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   Here's a list of happy, beautiful, wonderful people!

16.856, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Researcher, Yahoo! Inc

  1) From:      Lan Nguyen < lan at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: Researcher, Yahoo! Inc, CA, USA

16.857, Jobs: Computational Ling: Senior Lecturer, U of Essex

  1) From:      Udo Kruschwitz < udo at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: Senior Lecturer, University of Essex, Essex, United Kingdom

16.858, Sum: Australian [ae]-lengthening

  1) From:      Tonio Green < toniogreen at >
     Subject:   Australian [ae]-lengthening

16.859, Jobs: Applied Ling/ESL: Instructor, U of Victoria

  1) From:      Gretchen Moyer < gmoyer at >
     Subject:   Applied Linguistics/ESL: Instructor, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

16.860, Calls: General Ling/Canada; General Ling/Sri Lanka

  1) From:      Jason Brown < jcb at >
     Subject:   International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages

  2) From:      Dr. Neelakshi Premawardhena < neelakshi3 at >
     Subject:   10th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies

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