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18.2142, Books: Forensic Linguistics/Phonetics: Alderman

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Forensic Speaker Identification: Alderman

18.2143, Books: Genetic Classification: Zima (Ed)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Areal and Genetic Factors in Language Classification and Description: Zima (Ed)

18.2144, Books: Discourse Analysis/Semantics/Pragmatics: Celle, Huart (Eds)

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Connectives as Discourse Landmarks: Celle, Huart (Eds)

18.2145, Books: Computational Linguistics: Jackson, Moulinier

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Natural Language Processing for Online Applications: Jackson, Moulinier

18.2146, Books: Applied Linguistics/General Linguistics: Abu-Chacra

  1) From:      Francesca Filippelli < francesca.filippelli at >
     Subject:   Arabic: Abu-Chacra

18.2147, Calls: General Ling/UK; Psycholing,Semantics,Syntax/Germany

  1) From:      David Willis < dwew2 at >
     Subject:   British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies

  2) From:      Manfred Sailer < manfred.sailer at >
     Subject:   Rightward Movement in a Comparative Perspective

18.2148, Calls: General Ling/Norway; Cognitive Science,Pragmatics/South Korea

  1) From:      Wiebke Ramm < wiebke.ramm at >
     Subject:   Multidisciplinary Approaches to Discourse 2008

  2) From:      Chungmin Lee < clee at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Contrastiveness and/or Scalar Implicatures

18.2149, Diss: Syntax: Haddad: 'Adjunct Control in Telugu and Assamese'

  1) From:      Youssef Haddad < yhaddad at >
     Subject:   Adjunct Control in Telugu and Assamese

18.2150, Diss: Comp Ling: Tarasheva: 'Repetitions of Word Forms in Texts - A...'

  1) From:      Elena Tarasheva < etarasheva at >
     Subject:   Repetitions of Word Forms in Texts - An approach to establishing text structure

18.2151, Diss: Cog Sci/Lang Acquisition/Neuroling: Morgan-Short: 'A Neurolin...'

  1) From:      Kara Morgan-Short < morgankd at >
     Subject:   A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Late-Learned Second Language Knowledge: The effects of explicit and implicit conditions

18.2152, Diss: History of Ling/Ling & Lit/Philosophy of Lang: Gunaydin: 'Al-...'

  1) From:      Muhammet Gunaydin < gunaydin at >
     Subject:   Al-Sirafi's theory of 'lingua-logical' grammar: An analytical study of the grammatical work of al-Sirafi...

18.2153, Jobs: Modified: Gen Ling: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

  1) From:      Barbara London < londo002 at >
     Subject:   Modified: General Linguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

18.2154, Jobs: German & Applied Ling: Lecturer, Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg

  1) From:      Richard Wiese < wiese at >
     Subject:   German & Applied Linguistics: Lecturer, Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg, Hesse, Germany

18.2155, Jobs: Language Description: Post Doc, La Trobe University

  1) From:      Alexandra Aikhenvald < a.aikhenvald at >
     Subject:   Language Description: Post Doc, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

18.2156, FYI: MA/PhD Program in Linguistics 2007-2008

  1) From:      Ana Maria Brito < anamariabrito at >
     Subject:   MA/PhD Program in Linguistics 2007-2008

18.2157, Confs: Applied Ling/India

  1) From:      Nirmala Vijayakumar < vijainir2000 at >
     Subject:   Dynamics of Communication

18.2158, Confs: General Ling/South Africa

  1) From:      Istvan Kecskes < ikecskes at >
     Subject:   Intercultural Communication and Linguistics

18.2159, Confs: lang Acquisition/UK

  1) From:      Annabelle David < annabelle.david at >
     Subject:   17th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association

18.2160, Confs: Anthro Ling,Cognitive Sci,Psycholing/Denmark

  1) From:      Ocke-Schwen Bohn < engosb at >
     Subject:   Language in Cognition, Cognition in Language

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