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18.2900, Jobs: Phonetics: Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

  1) From:      Phonetics/Psycholinguistics Search Committee < lingsrch at >
     Subject:   Phonetics: Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

18.2901, Jobs: Translation Studies: Director, Center/Translation Studies, UIUC

  1) From:      Marita Romine < mromine at >
     Subject:   Translation Studies: Director, Center for Translation Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA

18.2902, Media: Brasilia Governor Bans Verb Form

  1) From:      Lowell Winterbottom < lowbottom at >
     Subject:   Brasilia Governor Bans Verb Form

18.2903, Media: Linguistics Ig Nobel Prize

  1) From:      Peter Hendriks < peter.hendriks at >
     Subject:   Linguistics Ig Nobel Prize

18.2904, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

18.2905, Diss: Lang Acq/Lexicography/Pragmatics/Translation: Sacia: 'The Tra...'

  1) From:      Laura Sacia < laurasacia at >
     Subject:   The Translation of 'You': an examination of German, Portuguese, and Vietnamese address systems and their treatment in dictionaries and L2 learning materials

18.2906, Disc: Perceptions of Limits on Ad Hominem Argument

  1) From:      Ron Sheen < ronsheen at >
     Subject:   Perceptions of Limits on Ad Hominem Argument

18.2907, Calls: Discourse AnalysisText/Corpus Ling/Italy; General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Lawrence Berlin < L-Berlin at >
     Subject:   Word Meaning in Argumentative Dialogue

  2) From:      Kris Rees < aces at >
     Subject:   15th Annual Central Eurasian Studies Conference

18.2908, Calls: Applied Ling/Spain; Computational Ling,Neuroling/USA

  1) From:      Gemma Martínez < iuladocum at >
     Subject:   Congreso Internacional de Neología en las lenguas románicas

  2) From:      Michael Putnam < mputnam at >
     Subject:   Exploring Crash-Proof Grammars

18.2909, Calls: General Ling/Belgium; General Ling/Norway

  1) From:      Bart Defrancq < bart.defrancq at >
     Subject:   Between Discourse and Grammar

  2) From:      Wiebke Ramm < wiebke.ramm at >
     Subject:   Multidisciplinary Approaches to Discourse 2008

18.2910, Calls: Lang Acquisition/Turkey; Computational Ling,Lexicography/Spain

  1) From:      Sara Howard < s.howard at >
     Subject:   12th Meeting of ICPLA

  2) From:      Catherine Havasi < havasi at >
     Subject:   Common Sense Knowledge and Goal-Oriented Interfaces

18.2911, Jobs: Pidgin; Creole & Sociolinguistics: Asst Prof, Dartmouth College

  1) From:      Ioana Chitoran < Ioana.chitoran at >
     Subject:   Pidgin; Creole & Sociolinguistics: Asst Prof, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA

18.2912, Jobs: French Lang & Ling: Visiting Instructor, Cleveland State U

  1) From:      Tiffany Hawkins < tiffany.hawkins at >
     Subject:   French Language & Linguistics: Visiting Instructor, Cleveland State University, OH, USA

18.2913, Jobs: Sociophonetics: Research Assistants, University of York

  1) From:      Dominic Watt < dw539 at >
     Subject:   Sociophonetics: Research Assistants, University of York, Heslington, York, United Kingdom

18.2914, Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Researcher, University of Aberdeen

  1) From:      Scott Caithness < Scaithness at >
     Subject:   Sociolinguistics: Researcher, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Sociolinguistics: Researcher, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

18.2915, FYI: Carlota S. Smith Memorial Fellowship

  1) From:      Richard Meier < rmeier at >
     Subject:   Carlota S. Smith Memorial Fellowship

18.2916, Books: Philosophy of Lang/Cognitive Science/Semantics: Hinzen

  1) From:      Jennifer Clark < jennifer.clark at >
     Subject:   An Essay on Names and Truth: Hinzen

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