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18.3076, Books: Translation/Sociolinguistics: Anderman (Ed)

  1) From:      Kathryn King < marketing at >
     Subject:   Voices in Translation: Anderman (Ed)

18.3077, Books: Ling Theories/Syntax/Psycholing: Herbst, Götz-Vottel (Eds)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Valency: Herbst, Götz-Votteler (Eds)

18.3078, Books: Lexicography: Moser, Dingatoloum

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Kabba-English-French Dictionary: Moser, Dingatoloum

18.3079, Books: Morphology/Linguistic Theories: Doleschal, Thornton (Eds)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Extragrammatical and Marginal Morphology: Doleschal, Thornton (Eds)

18.3080, Books: Discourse Analysis/Socioling: Taiwo, Odebunmi, Adetunji (Eds)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Perspectives on Media Discourse: Taiwo, Odebunmi, Adetunji (Eds)

18.3081, Confs: General Linguistics/Germany

  1) From:      Uli Sauerland < xprag at >
     Subject:   Experimental Pragmatics 2007

18.3082, Calls: Translation/Translation Studies in the New Millennium (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Ismail Boztas < boztas at >
     Subject:   Translation Studies in the New Millennium

18.3083, Calls: Semantics/Pragmatics/Int'l Jrnl for the Semiotics of Law (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Wagner Anne < valwagnerfr at >
     Subject:   International Journal for the Semiotics of Law

18.3084, Calls: Semantics/Syntax/Comp Ling/Natural Language Engineering (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Bill Dolan < billdol at >
     Subject:   Natural Language Engineering

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