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19.349, Jobs: Japanese & Applied Ling: Open Rank, Educational Testing Service

  1) From:      Eronmwon Balogun < APreader at >
     Subject:   Japanese & Applied Linguistics: Open Rank, Educational Testing Service, Kansas City, MO, USA

19.350, Jobs: English & Sociolinguistics: Teaching Assistant, Newcastle U

  1) From:       Newlin-Lukowicz < luiza at >
     Subject:   English & Sociolinguistics: Teaching Assistant, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

19.351, Confs: Language Acquisition/USA

  1) From:      Alfred Griffin < agriffin at >
     Subject:   1st Annual Conference on Challenges and Trends in 21st Century Education

19.352, Confs: Translation/Austria

  1) From:      Anja Drame < termnet at >
     Subject:   Summertrans III

19.353, Confs: General Linguistics/Italy

  1) From:      Federico Damonte < federico.damonte.1 at >
     Subject:   34th Incontro di Grammatica Generativa

19.354, Confs: Ling Theories,Morphology,Psycholing,Semantics/Austria

  1) From:      Stela Manova < stela.manova at >
     Subject:   13th International Morphology Meeting: Affix Ordering

19.355, Confs: General Linguistics/France

  1) From:      Serge Heiden < slh at >
     Subject:   9th International Conference on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data

19.356, Confs: Sociolinguistics/NewZealand

  1) From:      Anne Feryok < anne.feryok at >
     Subject:   11th New Zealand Language and Society Conference

19.357, Confs: General Linguistics/Norway

  1) From:      Eva Engels < eva.engels at >
     Subject:   NORMS Workshop on negation

19.358, Confs: General Linguistics, English Language/Bahrain

  1) From:      Colin Cavell < cscpo at >
     Subject:   2nd International Conference on Language, Literature & Translation

19.359, Confs: Sociolinguistics/USA

  1) From:      Alexis Lanham < socfest at >
     Subject:   Sociolinguisticsfest

19.360, Confs: General Linguistics/UK

  1) From:      Tricia Coverdale-Jones < tricia.coverdale-jones at >
     Subject:   Responding to the Needs of the East Asian Learner

19.361, Confs: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Catherine Lai < laic at >
     Subject:   Penn Linguistics Colloquium

19.362, Confs: Computational Ling,Discourse Analysis, Phonetics/Estonia

  1) From:      Stefan Werner < stefan.werner at >
     Subject:   VISPP Summer School 2008

19.363, Jobs: English & Phonology: Asst Prof, New York University

  1) From:      Karen Sikorski < ksikorski at >
     Subject:   English & Phonology: Asst Prof, New York University, NY, USA

19.364, Jobs: Phonology: Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

  1) From:      Elizabeth Zsiga < zsigae at >
     Subject:   Phonology: Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University, DC, USA

19.365, Calls: General Ling/Taiwan; Cog Sci,Computational Ling/Morocco

  1) From:      Grace Huang < conf at >
     Subject:   A Dialogue Between Historical and Theoretical Linguistics

  2) From:      Thora Tenbrink < tenbrink at >
     Subject:   Methodologies for Processing Spatial Language

19.366, Calls: Computational Ling/Estonia; Morphology/United Kingdom

  1) From:      Søren Wichmann < wichmann at >
     Subject:   Global Language Dynamics

  2) From:      Marc-Olivier Hinzelin < oxmorph at >
     Subject:   First Oxford Workshop on Romance Verb Morphology

19.367, Calls: General Ling/USA; General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Hans Boas < hcb at >
     Subject:   Fifth International Conference on Construction Grammar

  2) From:      Darren Tanner < dstanner at >
     Subject:   24th Northwest Linguistics Conference

19.368, Review: Syntax: D'Alessandro (2007)

  1) From:      Randall Eggert < randy at >
     Subject:   Review: Syntax: D'Alessandro (2007)

19.369, Review: Sociolinguistics: Filppula et al (2005)

  1) From:      Randall Eggert < randy at >
     Subject:   Review: Sociolinguistics: Filppula et al (2005)

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