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19.564, Calls: Comp Ling,Lexicography,Semantics/France; General Ling/UK

  1) From:      Wlodarczyk Andre < andre.wlodarczyk at >
     Subject:   Language Data Mining for Intelligent Word Processing

  2) From:      Patrick Honeybone < patrick.honeybone at >
     Subject:   Linguistics Association of Great Britain 2008 Meeting

19.565, Calls: Phonetics/Serbia; General Ling/UK

  1) From:      Biljana Cubrovic < biljana.cubrovic at >
     Subject:   Belgrade International Meeting of English Phoneticians

  2) From:      Lindsay Milligan < l.milligan at >
     Subject:   College of Arts & Social Sciences PG Conference

19.566, Diss: Pragmatics: Mironovschi: 'Komplimente und Komplimenterwiderun...'

  1) From:      Lilia Mironovschi < lilia.mironovschi at >
     Subject:   Komplimente und Komplimenterwiderungen im Russischen und im Deutschen: Ein interkultureller Vergleich

19.567, Calls: General Ling, Lexicography, Semantic/Denmark; Comp Ling/Morocco

  1) From:      Annalisa Baicchi < annalisa.baicchi at >
     Subject:   European Society for English Studies

  2) From:      Nicole Gregoire < Nicole.Gregoire at >
     Subject:   Towards a Shared Task for Multiword Expressions

19.568, Calls: Comp Ling/Morocco; Applied Ling, Lexicography/USA

  1) From:      Sandra Kuebler < skuebler at >
     Subject:   Partial Parsing: Between Chunking and Deep Parsing

  2) From:      Michael Adams < adamsmp at >
     Subject:   Modern Language Association - Language Change

19.569, Calls: Comp Ling/Italy; General Ling/Canada

  1) From:      Johan Bos < bos at >
     Subject:   Semantics in Text Processing

  2) From:      Meg Webb < margaret.webb at >
     Subject:   McGill's Conference for Linguistics Undergrads

19.570, Jobs: Italian & Italian Studies: Lecturer, The University of Sydney

  1) From:      Bianca Samaniego < bianca_samaniego at >
     Subject:   Italian & Italian Studies: Lecturer, The University of Sydney, Australia

19.571, Jobs: English & Knowledge Communication: Asst/Assoc Prof, U Aarhus

  1) From:      Linda Ibsen < libs at >
     Subject:   English & Knowledge Communication: Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Aarhus, Denmark

19.572, Support: Modern Languages: PhD Student, Newcastle University

  1) From:      Florence Myles < florence.myles at >
     Subject:   Modern Languages: PhD Student, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

19.573, FYI: The VLC Language Index

  1) From:      Juergen Handke < handke at >
     Subject:   The VLC Language Index

19.574, Disc: Language Pedagogy & ?Vosotros? Form in Spanish

  1) From:      Brandon Simpson < bwsimpson at >
     Subject:   Language Pedagogy & ?Vosotros? Form in Spanish

19.575, Books: Ling&Literature/Translation: Yilmaz (Ed)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Les Figures de Style en Fran├žais et Leur Traduction en Turc: Yilmaz (Ed)

19.576, Books: Applied Linguistics: Bruce

  1) From:      Simone Gilson < sgilson at >
     Subject:   Academic Writing and Genre: Bruce

19.577, Calls: General Linguistics/Samara AltLinguo E-Journal (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Andrey Kirillov < samaraaltlinguo at >
     Subject:   Samara AltLinguo E-Journal

19.578, Review: Arabic: Ryding (2006)

  1) From:      Randall Eggert < randy at >
     Subject:   Review: Arabic: Ryding (2006)

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