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19.607, Books: Psycholing/Lang Acquisition: Sekerina, Fernández, Clahsen (Eds)

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Developmental Psycholinguistics: Sekerina, Fernández, Clahsen (Eds)

19.608, Books: Morphology: Haugen

  1) From:      Paul Peranteau < paul at >
     Subject:   Morphology at the Interfaces: Haugen

19.609, Disc: Tense Interactions: Uniform vs. Non-uniform?

  1) From:      Tero Tulenheimo < tero.tulenheimo at >
     Subject:   Tense Interactions: Uniform vs. Non-uniform?

19.610, Calls: Cog Sci, Psycholing, Syntax/Netherlands; Applied Ling/Brazil

  1) From:      Boban Arsenijevi? < b.arsenijevic at >
     Subject:   Biosemantics

  2) From:      Matilde Scaramucci < matilde at >
     Subject:   III Simp.sobre Ens. de Português p/ Fal. de Espanhol

19.611, Calls: Applied Ling/Greece; General Ling/Malaysia

  1) From:      Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts < english at >
     Subject:   Language for Specific Purposes Conference

  2) From:      Uri Tadmor < uri at >
     Subject:   18th Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Meeting

19.612, Diss: Lang Documentation: Van Der Mark: 'A Grammar of Vinitiri: An ...'

  1) From:      Sheena Van Der Mark < S.VanDerMark at >
     Subject:   A Grammar of Vinitiri: An Austronesian language from Papua New Guinea

19.613, Confs: General Linguistics/Georgia

  1) From:      Lali Ezugbaia < lezugbaia at >
     Subject:   2nd International Symposium of Linguists

19.614, Calls: Morphology/France

  1) From:      Fabio Montermini < fabio.montermini at >
     Subject:   International Morphology Conference Décembrettes 6

19.615, Jobs: English & Translation, Terminology: Terminologist, IBM

  1) From:      Ali Rajah < alirajah at >
     Subject:   English & Translation, Terminology: Terminologist, IBM, Markham/Toronto, ON, Canada

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