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19.629, Diss: Semantics: Zweig: 'Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning'

  1) From:      Eytan Zweig < ez506 at >
     Subject:   Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning

19.630, Review: Sociolinguistics: Holmquist, Lorenzino & Sayahi (2007)

  1) From:      Randall Eggert < randy at >
     Subject:   Review: Sociolinguistics: Holmquist, Lorenzino & Sayahi (2007)

19.631, Calls: Applied Ling, Socioling/USA; Applied Ling/France

  1) From:      Glenn Martinez < martinezg at >
     Subject:   XIX Annual Symposium on Modern Languages

  2) From:      Fred Dervin < freder at >
     Subject:   Anthropology, Interculturality...

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