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19.2879, Qs: Somali Question

  1) From:      Gloria Bengt < gbengt50 at >
     Subject:   Somali Question

19.2880, Support: Computational Linguistics: PhD Student, University of Potsdam

  1) From:      David Schlangen < das at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: PhD Student, University of Potsdam, Germany

19.2881, FYI: 'Tree' of Academics Launches:

  1) From:      Richard Price < richard.price at >
     Subject:   'Tree' of Academics Launches:

19.2882, Calls: Applied Ling,Cognitive Science/USA; Cognitive Science/France

  1) From:      cristina sanz < sanzc at >
     Subject:   Implicit/Explicit in SLA & Bilingualism

  2) From:      Guillaume Desagulier < gdesagulier at >
     Subject:   AFLiCo III: Grammars in Construction(s)

19.2883, Calls: General Ling/United Kingdom; Computational Ling/Italy

  1) From:      Bas Aarts < b.aarts at >
     Subject:   Third Intern. Conference on the Linguistics of English

  2) From:      Verena Lyding < verena.lyding at >
     Subject:   Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics II

19.2884, TOC: Applied Psycholinguistics 29/4 (2008)

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Applied Psycholinguistics Vol 29, No 4 (2008)

19.2885, Confs: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      William McClure < wmcclure at >
     Subject:   18th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

19.2886, Confs: General Linguistics/Canada

  1) From:      Chung-hye Han < chunghye at >
     Subject:   2nd International Conference on East Asian Linguistics

19.2887, Confs: Computational Linguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics/Italy

  1) From:      Anna Romagnuolo < romagnuolo at >
     Subject:   Corpus Linguistics in Practical Applications

19.2888, Confs: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Tanya Slavin < tanya.slavin at >
     Subject:   Berkeley Workshop on Affix Ordering

19.2889, Confs: Semantics, Syntax, Morphology, Linguistic Theories/UK

  1) From:      Anna Kibort < ak243 at >
     Subject:   14th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference

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