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20.4234, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Socioling/Malaysia

  1) From:      Surin Ramana < surinder at >
     Subject:   University of Malaya Conference on Discourse & Society

20.4235, Jobs: General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics: Lecturer, U of Canterbury

  1) From:      Mel Wheatley < mel.wheatley at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics: Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

20.4236, Jobs: Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University

  1) From:      Norma Hopf < norma.hopf at >
     Subject:   Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University, NY, USA

20.4237, Calls: General Ling/Mexico

  1) From:      Ana Lidia Munguia < amunguia at >
     Subject:   XI Encuentro Internacional de Lingüística en el Noroest

20.4238, Calls: Historical Ling, Socioling/Italy

  1) From:      Joan Beal < j.c.beal at >
     Subject:   European Society for the Study of English: Seminar 58.

20.4239, Calls: Pragmatics, Socioling, Discourse Analysis/Germany

  1) From:      Andreas Müller < amueller at >
     Subject:   Narrative and Innovation

20.4240, Calls: General Ling, Computational Ling, Ling Theories/France

  1) From:      Olivier Bonami < olivier.bonami at >
     Subject:   17th International Conference on HPSG

20.4241, Calls: Ling Theories, Morphology, Semantics/France

  1) From:      Olivier Bonami < olivier.bonami at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Morphology and Formal Grammar

20.4242, Calls: Historical Ling, Morphology, Semantics, Typology/Russia

  1) From:      Alexander Zheltov < ajujeltov at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Personal Pronouns in Niger-Congo

20.4243, Diss: Socioling: Szymanski: 'Jezyk czatu internetowego: Studium...'

  1) From:      Leszek Szymanski < l_sz at >
     Subject:   'Jezyk czatu internetowego: Studium Empiryczne' / 'The Language of Internet Chat Room: An Empirical Study'

20.4244, Diss: Historical Ling: Button: 'A Reconstruction of Proto Northern...'

  1) From:      Chris Button < chris.button at >
     Subject:   A Reconstruction of Proto Northern Chin in Old Burmese and Old Chinese Perspective

20.4245, Confs: Catalan-Valencian-Balear, Syntax/Austria

  1) From:      Claus D. Pusch < claus.pusch at >
     Subject:   Verbal Periphrases in Catalan and Romance Languages

20.4246, Confs: Khakas, General Linguistics/Russia

  1) From:      Slava Yatsko < iatsko at >
     Subject:   Summer School in Turkic Linguistics

20.4247, Confs: Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics/Belgium

  1) From:      Mikhail Kissine < mkissine at >
     Subject:   Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models 3

20.4248, FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Translating from Arabic

  1) From:      Said Faiq < sfaiq at >
     Subject:   Call for Book Chapters: Language, Culture, and Ideology in Translating from Arabic

20.4249, Support: Speech Lang & Cognition: Open Student, University College London

  1) From:      Bronwen Evans < bronwen.evans at >
     Subject:   Speech Language and Cognition: Open Student, University College London, UK, United Kingdom

20.4250, Books: Applied/Forensic/Text&Corpus Ling:  Grewendorf, Rathert (Eds)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Formal Linguistics and Law: Grewendorf, Rathert (Eds)

20.4251, Books: Discourse Analysis/Applied Ling: Higgins, Norton (Eds)

  1) From:      Elinor Robertson < marketing at >
     Subject:   Language and HIV/AIDS: Higgins, Norton (Eds)

20.4252, Books: Ling Theories/Historical Ling: Karlík (Ed)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Development of Language in Eyes of Formal Grammar: Karlík (Ed)

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