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20.2404, Confs: Computational Linguistics/Malta

  1) From:      Helene Mazo < mazo at >
     Subject:   Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

20.2405, Confs: Language Acquisition, Neuroling, Psycholing/Portugal

  1) From:      GALA 2009 < gala2009 at >
     Subject:   Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition

20.2406, Confs: Slavic Subgroup,  General Linguistics/Croatia

  1) From:      Damir Cavar < dcavar at >
     Subject:   4th Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society

20.2407, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Ling and Literature, Translation/India

  1) From:      Sriparna Das < sriparna2006 at >
     Subject:   Approaches to Translation: Reading Gendethimma

20.2408, Calls: Cognitive Science, Psycholing, Semantics, Socioling/Germany

  1) From:      Martin Pütz < Puetz at >
     Subject:   Cognitive Sociolinguistics

20.2409, Calls: Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Switzerland

  1) From:      Elena Maria Pandolfi < elena-maria.pandolfi at >
     Subject:   Vitality of a Minority Language

20.2410, Calls: Philosophy of Language, Sociolinguistics/France

  1) From:      Albin Wagener < albin.wagener at >
     Subject:   Femme en Francophonie

20.2411, Diss: HistLing/Morphology/Socioling/Spanish: Louro 'Perfect...'

  1) From:      Celeste Rodriguez Louro < celester at >
     Subject:   Perfect evolution and change: A sociolinguistic study of preterit and present perfect usage in contemporary and earlier Argentina

20.2412, Diss: Morphology/Phonology/Syntax/Efik: Mensah: 'Efik Morphology:...'

  1) From:      Eyo Mensah < eyomensah2004 at >
     Subject:   Efik Morphology: A study of word structure in generative grammar

20.2413, Diss: Lang Documentation: Cardoso: 'The Indo-Portuguese language of...'

  1) From:      Hugo Cardoso < hugoccardoso at >
     Subject:   The Indo-Portuguese language of Diu

20.2414, Diss: Psycholing/Semantics: Cardini: 'Language and Thought: A...'

  1) From:      Filippo-Enrico Cardini < f_cardini_2000 at >
     Subject:   Language and Thought: A linguistic and non-linguistic comparison between English and Italian in the domain of manner of motion

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