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20.2429, Confs: Historical Linguistics, Old Saxon/USA

  1) From:      Douglas Simms < dsimms at >
     Subject:   45th International Congress on Medieval Studies

20.2430, Confs: Applied Linguistics, English, Spanish/Spain

  1) From:      Diego Rascón < drascon at >
     Subject:   23rd GRETA Annual Conference

20.2431, Calls: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Ishan Puri < ballerz4ishi at >
     Subject:   1st High School Linguistics Webinar

20.2432, Diss: Phonetics/Phonology: Hirayama: 'Postlexical Prosodic...'

  1) From:      Manami Hirayama < manami.hirayama at >
     Subject:   Postlexical Prosodic Structure and Vowel Devoicing in Japanese

20.2433, Diss: Phonetics: Ploquin: 'Phonological Issues in the Production of...'

  1) From:      Marie Ploquin < ploquin.marie at >
     Subject:   Phonological Issues in the Production of Prosody by Francophone and Sinophone Learners of English as a Second Language

20.2434, Confs: General Linguistics/Portugal

  1) From:      Bert Cornillie < bert.cornillie at >
     Subject:   42nd Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea

20.2435, Confs: Language Documentation, Text/Corpus Linguistics/Australia

  1) From:      Michael Haugh < m.haugh at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Building the Australian National Corpus

20.2436, Confs: Modified: Postgrad Conf  Ling & Lang Dates Changed to 12/3-12/4

  1) From:      Anil Soylemez < sanil at >
     Subject:   Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language

20.2437, Calls: General Linguistics, Writing Systems/France

  1) From:      Sylvester Osu < sylvester.osu at >
     Subject:   CerLiCO 24th International Conference

20.2438, Calls: Computational Linguistics, General Linguistics/Bulgaria

  1) From:      Irina Temnikova < i.temnikova2 at >
     Subject:   Student Research Workshop Associated with RANLP-09

20.2439, Confs: Greek, Ancient, Historical Ling, Morphology, Semantics/Italy

  1) From:      Annamaria Bartolotta < abartolotta at >
     Subject:   8th International Meeting on Greek Linguistics

20.2440, Jobs: English & Computational Ling: NLP Scientist, Alelo TLT, LLC

  1) From:      Kate Henderson < khenderson at >
     Subject:   English & Computational Linguistics: NLP Scientist, Alelo TLT, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

20.2441, Jobs: English & Computational Ling: Agents Scientist, Alelo TLT, LLC

  1) From:      Kate Henderson < khenderson at >
     Subject:   English & Computational Linguistics: Agents Scientist, Alelo TLT, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

20.2442, Support: Japanese & Linguistics: PhD Student, The Australian National U

  1) From:      Peter Hendriks < peter.hendriks at >
     Subject:   Japanese & Linguistics: PhD Student, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

20.2443, Calls: General Ling: Issues in Intercultural Communication (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Elizabeth Winkler < iic at >
     Subject:   Issues in Intercultural Communication

20.2444, Books: Discourse Analysis/Sociolinguistics: Soukup

  1) From:      Alexandra Schepelmann < a.schepelmann at >
     Subject:   Dialect Use as Interaction Strategy: Soukup

20.2445, TOC: World Englishes 28/1 (2009)

  1) From:      Audrey Gill < agill at >
     Subject:   World Englishes Vol 28, No 1 (2009)

20.2446, Software: EXMARaLDA: Spoken Language Corpus Software

  1) From:      Thomas Schmidt < at >
     Subject:   EXMARaLDA: Spoken Language Corpus Software

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