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20.3661, Confs: Translation/Italy

  1) From:      Sara Laviosa < saralaviosa at >
     Subject:   Issues in Translation: Language, Culture, Literature

20.3662, Jobs: Spanish; Sociolinguistics: Asst Prof, Arizona State University

  1) From:      Carmen Garcia < carmen.garcia at >
     Subject:   Spanish; Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, AZ, USA

20.3663, Jobs: L2 Lang Acq, TESOL: Clinical/Professional or Asst Prof, Miami U

  1) From:      Kristina Adams < adamskc at >
     Subject:   Second Language Acquisition, TESOL, Applied Linguistics: Clinical/Professional Faculty or Assistant Professor, Miami University, OH, USA

20.3664, Calls: Lang Acquisition, Phonetics, Phonology/Poland

  1) From:      Patrycja Jablonska < patrjabl at >
     Subject:   GLOW Workshop on Phonology and Phonetics

20.3665, Calls: Historical Ling, Phonetics, Phonology, Typology/Spain

  1) From:      Maria-Josep Solé < mariajosep.sole at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Sound Change

20.3666, Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Applied Ling, Pragmatics/United Kingdom

  1) From:      Shona Cunningham < ivacs10 at >
     Subject:   IVACS Conference on Connecting Corpus Linguistics

20.3667, Calls: General Ling/Spain

  1) From:      Miguel González Pereira < miguel.gonzalez.pereira at >
     Subject:   XXXIX Simposio de la Sociedad Española de Lingüística

20.3668, Confs: Phonology/France

  1) From:      Tobias Scheer < ocp7 at >
     Subject:   Templates and Phonological Theory

20.3669, Confs: Historical Linguistics/UK

  1) From:      Maggie Scott < m.r.scott at >
     Subject:   Names and the North of England

20.3670, Confs: Phonology/France

  1) From:      Tobias Scheer < ocp7 at >
     Subject:   7th Old World Conference in Phonology

20.3671, Software: Lexical-Functional Grammar parser XLFG5

  1) From:      Lionel Clément < lionel.clement at >
     Subject:   Lexical-Functional Grammar parser XLFG5

20.3672, Confs: Oto-Manguean, Uto-Aztecan, Lang Documentation, Anthro Ling/Mexico

  1) From:      Michael Swanton < mwswanton at >
     Subject:   Coloquio Thomas Smith-Stark

20.3673, Support: General Ling: Three PhD Students, Tulane U., Louisiana, USA

  1) From:      Harry Howard < howard at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics: Three PhD Students, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

20.3674, Support: Second Lang Acq: 4 PhD Students, University of Iowa, USA

  1) From:      Roumyana Slabakova < roumyana-slabakova at >
     Subject:   Second Language Acquisition: 4 PhD Students, University of Iowa, USA

20.3675, Support: French & Applied Ling, General Ling: PhD Student, U. of Illinois

  1) From:      Annie Tremblay < atrembla at >
     Subject:   French & Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics: PhD Student, University of Illinois, USA

20.3676, Internships: Comp Ling: Trainee Position, LTC and Agile Web Solutions, London

  1) From:      Nadia Portera-Zanotti < nadia.portera-zanotti at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: Trainee Position, LTC and Agile Web Solutions, London, UK

20.3677, Books: Phonology: Shukla

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Hindi Phonology: Shukla

20.3678, Books: Typology/Lang Documentation/General Ling: Garay

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Los textos tehuelches de Robert Lehmann Nitsche (1905): Garay

20.3679, Books: Translation: Hernández Guerrero

  1) From:      Christian Bieri < publicity at >
     Subject:   Traducción y periodismo: Hernández Guerrero

20.3680, Books: Language Acquisition/Pragmatics: Schauer

  1) From:      Jennifer Tighe < jtighe at >
     Subject:   Interlanguage Pragmatic Development: Schauer

20.3681, Books: Sociolinguistics: Mc Laughlin (Ed)

  1) From:      Jennifer Tighe < jtighe at >
     Subject:   The Languages of Urban Africa: Mc Laughlin (Ed)

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