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20.3164, Calls: Computational Ling, Semantics, Text/Corpus Ling/Egypt

  1) From:      Samhaa El-Beltagy < samhaa at >
     Subject:   The 7th International Conference on Informatics and Systems

20.3165, Jobs: Applied Ling:  Asst Prof, UofWashington, WA, USA

  1) From:      Carolyn Busch < buschc at >
     Subject:   TESOL/Applied Linguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Washington, WA, USA

20.3166, Calls: Applied Ling, General Ling, Ling & Literature/Greece

  1) From:      Margarita Kefalaki < atiner at >
     Subject:   3rd Annual International Conference on Literature, Languages & Linguistics

20.3167, Calls: General Ling, Syntax/France

  1) From:      François Trouilleux < francois.trouilleux at >
     Subject:   Morphology, Syntax and Semantics of Subordinators

20.3168, Calls: Sign Lang, General Ling, Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition/Hong Kong

  1) From:      Felix Sze < felix_cslds at >
     Subject:   Conference on Sign Linguistics & Deaf Education in Asia

20.3169, Books: Historical Ling/Syntax: Cloutier

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   West Germanic OV and VO: Cloutier

20.3170, Books: Semantics/Text&Corpus Ling: Stewart

  1) From:      Tara Thomas < Tara.Thomas at >
     Subject:   Semantic Prosody: Stewart

20.3171, Books: Text&Corpus Ling/Socioling/Syntax/Morphology: Sairio

  1) From:      Marianna Hintikka < marianna.hintikka at >
     Subject:   Language and Letters of the Bluestocking Network: Sairio

20.3172, Books: Language Acquisition: Ritchie, Bhatia (Eds)

  1) From:      Rachel Mannett < RMannett at >
     Subject:   The New Handbook of Second Language Acquisition: Ritchie, Bhatia (Eds)

20.3173, Support: Psycholing/Experimental Phonology: PhD Student, Northeastern U.

  1) From:      Iris Berent < i.berent at >
     Subject:   Psycholinguistics/Experimental Phonology: PhD Student, Northeastern University

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