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20.3228, Diss: Syntax/Typology: Luuk: 'The Noun/Verb and Predicate/Argument...'

  1) From:      Erkki Luuk < erkkil at >
     Subject:   The Noun/Verb and Predicate/Argument Structures

20.3229, Jobs: Comp Ling, Natural Lang Processing; Scientist, evolve24

  1) From:      Michael Calumet < michael.calumet at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing: Scientist/Computational Linguist, evolve24, USA,Missouri

20.3230, FYI: Video and Audio Enhancements in Your Articles

  1) From:      Christopher Tancock < c.tancock at >
     Subject:   Video and Audio Enhancements in Your Articles

20.3231, Jobs: Spanish, Applied Ling, Socioling: Asst Prof, Pomona College

  1) From:      Denise Miller < denise.miller at >
     Subject:   Spanish, Romance & Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics: Asst Prof, Pomona College, CA, USA

20.3232, Calls: Computational Ling/United Kingdom

  1) From:      Udo Kruschwitz < udo at >
     Subject:   32nd European Conference on Information Retrieval

20.3233, Calls: General Ling/Netherlands

  1) From:      Willem Zuidema < jzuidema at >
     Subject:   Eighth International Conference on the Evolution of Language

20.3234, Calls: General Ling/Romanitas, Romance Languages and Literatures (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Jose Hernandez-Rosario < romanitas at >
     Subject:   Romanitas, Romance Languages and Literatures

20.3235, Sum: Language Maps

  1) From:      Candice Luebbering < candice at >
     Subject:   Language Maps

20.3236, FYI: Linguistic Research in the Federal Context

  1) From:      Eric Potsdam < epotsdam at >
     Subject:   Linguistic Research in the Federal Context

20.3237, Books: Syntax/Ling Theories: Cirillo

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   The Syntax of Floating Quantifiers: Cirillo

20.3238, Calls: Applied Ling/Language Acquisition/The Reading Matrix: An...(Jrnl)

  1) From:      Adrian Wurr < ajwurr at >
     Subject:   The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal

20.3239, Qs: Contemp. Audio/Video Recordings of Cockney Dialect

  1) From:      Lida Cope < copel at >
     Subject:   Contemp. Audio/Video Recordings of Cockney Dialect

20.3240, Confs: Computational Linguistics/Austria

  1) From:      Ernst Buchberger < ernst.buchberger at >
     Subject:   European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research

20.3241, Confs: English Lang, Applied Ling, General Ling/Turkey

  1) From:      Yaghoub Nazaralian < yaghoub_nazaralian at >
     Subject:   7th International Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics

20.3242, Books: Lang Acquisition/Psycholing/Morphology/Syntax: Verhagen

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   Finiteness in Dutch as a Second Language: Verhagen

20.3243, Books: Lang Documentation/Typology/Historical Ling: Cardoso

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   The Indo-Portuguese language of Diu: Cardoso

20.3244, Books: Discourse Analysis/Pragmatics: Forceville, Urios-Aparisi (Eds)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Multimodal Metaphor: Forceville, Urios-Aparisi (Eds)

20.3245, Books: Syntax/Semantics: Huang

  1) From:      Tara Thomas < Tara.Thomas at >
     Subject:   Between Syntax and Semantics: Huang

20.3246, Books: Syntax/Pragmatics/Ling Theories: Dyakonova

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   A Phase-Based Approach to Russian Free Word Order: Dyakonova

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