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20.3257, Calls: General Ling, Applied Ling/USA

  1) From:      Lynnelle Rhinier < stellamex at >
     Subject:   17th Annual UT Arlington Student Conference

20.3258, Books: Applied Ling: Barwell (Ed)

  1) From:      Elinor Robertson < marketing at >
     Subject:   Multilingualism in Mathematics Classrooms: Barwell (Ed)

20.3259, Books: Semiotics/Philosophy of Ling: Deely

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Purely Objective Reality: Deely

20.3260, Books: Morphology/Syntax/Ling Theories: Schoorlemmer

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   Agreement, Dominance and Doubling: Schoorlemmer

20.3261, Books: Computational Ling/Socioling/Applied Ling: Landsbergen

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   Cultural Evolutionary Modeling of Patterns in Language Change: Landsbergen

20.3262, Books: Phonetics/General Ling: Tang

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   Mutual Intelligibility of Chinese Dialects: Tang

20.3263, Books: Morphology/Ling Theories: Keskin

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp < lot at >
     Subject:   Subject Agreement-Dependency of Accusative Case in Turkish ? or Jump-Starting Grammatical Machinery: Keskin

20.3264, Jobs: Clinical Lang Sciences: Chair/Reader, U of Reading

  1) From:      Theo Marinis < t.marinis at >
     Subject:   Clinical Language Sciences: Reader/Chair in Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, United Kingdom, Reading

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