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21.1093, Diss: Semantics: Port: 'Omitted Arguments and Complexity of...'

  1) From:      Martin Port < mport2500 at >
     Subject:   Omitted Arguments and Complexity of Predication

21.1094, Review: Language Acquisition: Clark (2009)

  1) From:      Leah Paltiel-Gedalyovich < leah.gedalyovich at >
     Subject:   First Language Acquisition

21.1095, Diss: Socioling/Lexicography: Irwin: 'Creating Canadian English...'

  1) From:      Derek Irwin < dirwin at >
     Subject:   Creating Canadian English: A systemic functional linguistic analysis of First Nations loanwords in early Canadian texts

21.1096, Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition/Poland

  1) From:      Micha? B. Paradowski < michal.paradowski at >
     Subject:   Language Teaching in Increasingly Multilingual Environment: From Research to Practice

21.1097, Calls: Computational Ling/USA

  1) From:      Ola Knutsson < knutsson at >
     Subject:   NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Constructions

21.1098, Calls: Applied Ling, History of Ling, Socioling/France

  1) From:      Amandine Denimal < montp3.cjc.2010 at >
     Subject:   Langues, Sujets, Enseignements et Apprentissages

21.1099, Calls: Historical Ling/Poland

  1) From:      Bartosz Wiland < plm at >
     Subject:   Competing Explanations of Language Change and Variation

21.1100, Calls: Computational Ling/Malta

  1) From:      Udo Kruschwitz < udo at >
     Subject:   LREC 2010 Workshop on Web Logs and Question Answering

21.1101, Calls: General Ling, Ling & Literature/USA

  1) From:      Marina Gorlach < gorlach at >
     Subject:   The Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference

21.1102, Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Translation/Australia

  1) From:      Kenny Wang < at >
     Subject:   Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition

21.1103, Confs: Phonetics, Phonology/Brazil

  1) From:      Eleonora Albano < albano at >
     Subject:   São Paulo School of Advanced Studies in Speech Dynamics

21.1104, Can: You Solve This Puzzle?

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   Play Our Cipher Game and Win a Prize!

21.1105, Books: Historical Ling/Text/Corpus Ling/General Ling: Culpeper, Kytö

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Early Modern English Dialogues: Culpeper, Kytö

21.1106, Books: Historical Linguistics: Vinokur, Forsyth (Tr), Forsyth (Ed)

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   The Russian Language: Vinokur, Forsyth (Tr), Forsyth (Ed)

21.1107, Books: Phonology: Lass, Anderson

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Old English Phonology: Lass, Anderson

21.1108, Books: Historical Linguistics: Grimm

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Geschichte der deutschen Sprache 2 Volume Set: Grimm

21.1109, Books: Anthropological Ling/Lang Documentation/Lexicography: Zöller

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Deutsch-Neuguinea und meine Ersteigung des Finisterre-Gebirges: Zöller

21.1110, Books: Discourse Analysis/General Linguistics/Ling Theories: von Mengden

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Cardinal Numerals: von Mengden

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