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21.1125, Review: Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics: Freitas (2008)

  1) From:      Jill Hallett < jillh at >
     Subject:   Taboo in Advertising

21.1126, Lingfield: Challenge Started!

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   Help Your Linguistics Subfield be the Winner!

21.1127, All: New Ask-A-Linguist Interface

  1) From:      LINGUIST List < linguist at >
     Subject:   New Ask-A-Linguist Interface

21.1128, Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Historical Ling, Ling & Literature/France

  1) From:      Achard-Bayle Guy < guy.achardbayle at >
     Subject:   Aliento Second International Colloquium

21.1129, Calls: Translation/Australia

  1) From:      Annamaria Arnall < arnall at >
     Subject:   AUSIT Biennial National Conference

21.1130, Calls: Anthropological Ling, Applied Ling, Socioling/Cuba

  1) From:      Ana Vivian Fernández < anav at >
     Subject:   IV Conference of Studies in the Humanities 'Unity and Diversity: Language and Culture'

21.1131, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Psycholing/Poland

  1) From:      Alina Kwiatkowska < akwiat at >
     Subject:   Humor - Theories.Applications.Practices

21.1132, Calls: Computational Ling, Psycholing/Sweden

  1) From:      Preslav Nakov < preslavn at >
     Subject:   ACL 2010 Workshops: SemEval-2010

21.1133, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Ling & Literature, General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Maria Isabel Kalbermatten < mkalberm at >
     Subject:   XII Annual Conference of the ISLHHS

21.1134, Confs: Syntax, Phonology, Ling Theories, General Ling/Spain

  1) From:      Josep Quer < cgg20 at >
     Subject:   20th Colloquium on Generative Grammar

21.1135, Support: Pragmatics;Semantics;Syntax: PhD Student, U. of Konstanz, Germany

  1) From:      Doris Penka < doris.penka at >
     Subject:   Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax: PhD Student, University of Konstanz, Germany

21.1136, Calls: Computational Ling/ Language Resources and Evaluation (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Torsten Zesch < zesch at >
     Subject:   Language Resources and Evaluation

21.1137, Confs: Phonology/Canada

  1) From:      Lev Blumenfeld < lev_blumenfeld at >
     Subject:   Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto Phonology Workshop

21.1138, Confs: Semantics, Applied Ling, Socioling, Cog Sci, Comp Ling/Croatia

  1) From:      Vladimir Polyakov < pvn-65 at >
     Subject:   XIIth International Conference 'Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics'

21.1139, Confs: Applied Ling, Discourse Analysis, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Romania

  1) From:      Nicoleta Ifrim < nicodasca at >
     Subject:   Ideological and Cultural Openings within the Post-totalitarian Milieu

21.1140, Confs: Slavic, Computational Ling, General Ling/Poland

  1) From:      Marek Lazinski < M.Lazinski at >
     Subject:   Slavicorp. Corpora of Slavic Languages

21.1141, All: of This Would Not Be Possible Without Your Kind and Generous Support

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   My Experiences Here Will be Incalculable Benefits to Me and My Future Students

21.1142, Calls: Writing Systems/Writing Systems Research (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Ellie Graves < eleanor.graves at >
     Subject:   Writing Systems Research

21.1143, TOC: Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 3/1 (2010)

  1) From:      Timothy Face < facex002 at >
     Subject:   Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics Vol 3, No 1 (2010)

21.1144, Books: Applied Ling/Discourse Analysis/Socioling: Auer, Schmidt (Eds)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Language and Space - An International Handbook of Linguistic Variation: Auer, Schmidt (Eds)

21.1145, Books: Applied Linguistics/History of Linguistics/Pragmatics: Lorenz

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Logic, Language and Method - On Polarities in Human Experience: Lorenz

21.1146, Books: Discourse Analysis/History of Ling/Lexicography: Haßler, Neis

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Lexikon sprachtheoretischer Grundbegriffe des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts: Haßler, Neis

21.1147, Books: Morphology/Phonology: Brugmann

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Grundriss der vergleichenden Grammatik der indogermanischen Sprachen 3 Volume Set: Brugmann

21.1148, Books: Syntax: Delbrück

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Vergleichende Syntax der indogermanischen Sprachen 3 Volume Set: Delbrück

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