LINGUIST List Special Issue: Subfield Challenge Update!

Sun Mar 14 21:08:47 UTC 2010

LINGUIST List Special Issue: Subfield Challenge Update!

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-------------------------Message 1 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:30:20
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: 1 Day Left for the Subfield Challenge!

Dear Subscribers,

There is only 1 day left in the subfield challenge
and we have a very nice competition going on!

We also have one great encouragement from Bill
vanPatten to have Language Acquisitionists raise
another $460 by the end of the challenge in order
for him to donate an extra $1,000! That means that
your donation would be doubled! Hurry and help
Bill vanPatten, other Language acquisitionists and
donors take advantage of this offer!

Donate now:

Current standings in the subfield challenge:

Syntax: $1,845
Historical Linguistics: $1,581
General Linguistics: $1,150
Phonology: $1,090
Language Acquisition: $1,040
Sociology: $941
Typology: $520
Language Documentation: $475
Semantics: $472
Computational Linguistics: $450
Morphology: $415
Discourse: $345
Phonetics: $326
Applied Linguistics: $320
History of Linguistics: $300
Writing Systems: $250
Psycholinguistics: $225
Translation: $200
Neurolinguistics: $100
Lexicography: $95
Text/Corpus Linguistics: $90
Pragmatics: $75
Anthropological Linguistics: $55

Help your subfield to the top by donating now!

Get your donation to count twice as much by selecting
the Language Acquisition subfield in the Lingfiled
drop down while you donate!


-------------------------Message 2 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 11:43:46
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Will the Language Acquisition Challenge Be Met?

Dear LINGUIST-Listers,

We're all waiting with bated breath to see whether Bill van Patten's
challenge is going to be met. Did you know that he's promised to donate
an extra $1500 if those of us in language acquisition collect $1500 by
the end of the linguistic subfield challenge?

The syntacticians, now at $1770, and the historical linguists, at $1531,
are already over that mark.

But language acquisition is at $995, and seems to have become petrified
there for the last 24 hours. Could that be because there are no people
in acquisition out there? It's more likely that people just haven't
noticed. And, yes, I know... we're all short of a dollar or two this year...

But it would be such a tragedy if we lose such a generous contribution ...

Donate now and select "Language Acquisition" for the subfield challenge at:


-------------------------Message 3 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 12:06:51
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Stanford University Has Taken the Lead!

Dear Subscribers,

Stanford University has taken the lead in the Grad Schoo challenge!
The University of Washington is right behind it and could take the
lead at any time. The University of California, Santa Barbara has a
strong Grad School coordinator pushing for their school and they are
now in third place! In fourth is Eastern Michinga University, followed
by the University of Zurich.

To view the full list go to:

The leaders in each region are:

Americas (without US): University of Toronto, Canada ($335)
Asia (without Middle East): Sapporo Gakuin University, Japan ($100)
Europe: University of Zurich, Switzerland ($500)
Middle East: Tel-Aviv University, Israel ($75)
Pacific: University of Melbourne, Australia ($150)
US (East): Eastern Michigan University ($535)
US (West): Stanford University ($1370)

There are many prizes to win! Help your school be at the top of their

Donate now:


-------------------------Message 4 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 13:54:02
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Morphology: Some People Say We Do Not Even Exist!

Morphologists Unite!!!  Donations to the Linguist List subfield challenge
in the
field of morphology are such that one might be tempted to say that
morphology is
just part of syntax, or maybe part of phonology.  We know that we are
actually the
sun around which all other subfield planets rotate!  Donate *now* to the
challenge, and pick "morphology" as your subfield.  Don't let those other
areas marginalize us!

Donate now:

Monica Macaulay
Department of Linguistics
University of Wisconsin

-------------------------Message 5 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:06:51
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Huge Historical Linguistics Come Back!

Subfield Challenge Update!

Have you seen the Historical Linguists' come back?
They are hot in the heals of Syntax! If Historical
Linguists can bring in a few more donations, they
will take the lead!

But watch out for General Linguistics! They have moved
up from the bottom and they are now in 3rd place.
Language acquisitionists are right behind them and could
take the lead at any time.

Phonology or Sociolinguistics could also have a big
come back, so maybe we can see some supporters raise
to the top!

Make your linguistic subfield the leader now! The subfield
challenge will end on Monday at 12 (noon) EST!

Donate now:


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