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21.1378, Calls: Applied Ling, General Ling, Lang Documentation,Socioling/USA

  1) From:      Julie Auger < jauger at >
     Subject:   Minority Languages in Europe: Successes and Challenges

21.1379, Calls: General Ling, Ling Theories/USA

  1) From:      Joseph Davis < jdavis at >
     Subject:   10th International Columbia School Conference

21.1380, Calls: Applied Ling, Socioling/India

  1) From:      James Stanford < James.N.Stanford at >
     Subject:   New Ways of Analyzing Variation: Asia-Pacific Region

21.1381, Calls: Applied Ling, General Ling, Historical Ling/Portugal

  1) From:      CLUNL?s Young Researchers Group Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - Universidade Nova de Lisboa < jiclunl at >
     Subject:   V Forum of Linguistic Sharing

21.1382, Calls: Applied Ling, Computational Ling/Spain

  1) From:      Jorge Arús-Hita < jarus at >
     Subject:   First International Workshop on Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains

21.1383, Anthony: Woodbury Is Our New Linguist of the Day

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   ' It Must Have Happened Really Fast...'

21.1384, Win: A Journal Subscription from John Benjamins!

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   The First 5 Donors to Donate $100 Will Get a Subscription of Their Choice!

21.1385, Confs: Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics/Montenegro

  1) From:      Svetlana Kurtes < s.kurtes at >
     Subject:   2nd International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education

21.1386, Some: Journal Subscriptions Remaining!

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   Hurry and Get Yours Now!

21.1387, Confs: Discourse Analysis, Comp Ling, Semantics/Netherlands

  1) From:      Alan Cienki < a.cienki at >
     Subject:   From Text to Political Positions 2010

21.1388, Confs: Applied Ling, Socioling/UK

  1) From:      Dr Kelechukwu Ihemere < k.ihemere at >
     Subject:   Language Contact, Change, Maintenance & Loss

21.1389, Confs: Typology, Ling Theories, General Ling/Germany

  1) From:      Spela Vintar < spela.vintar at >
     Subject:   6th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference

21.1390, Confs: Typology, Morphology, Syntax, Comp Ling/Netherlands

  1) From:      Reut Tsarfaty < r.tsarfaty at >
     Subject:   Theory, Typology, Technology: Parsing in the Face of Diversity

21.1391, Calls: Anthropological Ling, Neuroling, Philosophy of Lang/Poland

  1) From:      Agata Bochynska < agboch at >
     Subject:   Language as Social Coordination: An Evolutionary Perspective

21.1392, Calls: Neuroling, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholing/Netherlands

  1) From:      Yiya Chen < yiya.chen at >
     Subject:   Frontiers of Prosody

21.1393, Support: Cog Science, Comp Ling: PhD Student, Queen Mary, U. of London, UK

  1) From:      Matthew Purver < mpurver at >
     Subject:   Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics: PhD Student, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom

21.1394, Confs: Italian, Syntax, Morphology/Germany

  1) From:      Lucia Grimaldi < lucia.grimaldi at >
     Subject:   Cambridge Italian Dialect Syntax Meeting 5

21.1395, Books: Applied Ling/Discourse Analysis/Sociolinguistics: Domínguez Baraj

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   The Function of Proverbs in Discourse: Domínguez Barajas

21.1396, Books: Lexicography/Socioling/Historical Ling: Dyen, Aberle

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Lexical Reconstruction: Dyen, Aberle

21.1397, Books: Applied Ling/Socioling/Typology: Hickey (Ed)

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Motives for Language Change: Hickey (Ed)

21.1398, Books: Morphology/Syntax/Typology: Dixon, Aikhenvald (Eds)

  1) From:      Daniel Davies < ddavies at >
     Subject:   Changing Valency: Dixon, Aikhenvald (Eds)

21.1399, University: of Washington is the School with the Most Donors!

  1) From:       linguist < linguist at >
     Subject:   Grad School Challenge Update

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