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LINGUIST List Special Issue: See What's New!

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-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 08:10:03
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: The New Fund Drive Song is Here! 

Dear Linguists, 
The new Fund Drive song is here! We have reached the $45K 
mark and Susan Fischer and Terry Langendoen's song is now 
available on our homepage! 
Come visit us and enjoy this treat! We are very thankful 
to Susan Fischer and Terry Langendoen for taking the time 
to write and perform this song. 
We hope you enjoy it and that it will inspire you to 
donate today! 

-------------------------Message 2 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 09:20:43
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Sorry ... We may not be able to fund calls messages

As you know, we are running our Annual Fund Drive. It is through
this Fund Drive that we raise money to support the grad students
who work at LINGUIST List. It is through this Fund Drive that we
raise the money to provide this service, the Calls area, free for
users like you!

If we do not get the money we need to support our students, we can
not provide this service either! If we do not get contributions
from users like you, we do not get to provide YOU this free 

If you use the Calls area, if you find it useful and a way to get
the information you need on new calls for papers, donate today.

The Calls & Confs Area at LINGUIST List

-------------------------Message 3 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 09:54:40
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: LINGUIST Would Not be Here Without the Contributions from Our 
Advisors, Users and Donors 

Dear Subscribers,

We always value your support and your help. We are always
happy to receive your donations and pledges. But we are 
also happy to receive your contributions in any other form.
>From suggestions to requests to volunteering your time
to help.

This year, so far, we have had many people helping us
during the change to the new site with its new layout, as
well as during our Fund Drive. We want to recognize those 
people who have done this and thank them for their help. 

Starting with the advisory board, which has helped guide
our transation into the new site. Advisors have also
contributed by sending us suggestions regarding Fund Drive,
rallying at their institutions to get more donors and
pushing to get their subfield ahead of the rest in the subfield

We also want to thank Susan Fischer and Terry Langendoen
for their invaluable feedback on ideas for Fund Drive, and 
specially for their efforts and talent in creating our
2010 Fund Drive song! If you have not heard the song yet, 
do so at

A big thank you goes to all those who are working hard at 
their schools trying to organize the grad school challenge
at their institutions. We have some people we know who are
doing so. Do you want to see who these LINGUIST List heroes
are? Do you recognize them? 
See them at:

Are you one of these heroes? Let us know by contacting Maria at

And last but not least, we thank our donors. All of you who
read our Fund Drive messages and found that we are indeed a
service that deserves supporting so that everyone can access
it for free. We thank you all for your contributions, big and

LINGUIST List would not be what it is today without the
contributions from our advisors, users and donors.

So, thank you!

If you have not donated yet and would like to see LINGUIST
List continue, donate now:


-------------------------Message 4 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 10:33:56
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject:  Are You on the List? 

Dear Subscribers,

We are very thankful to all those who have taken the time to
send us their donation this year. Below, you will find a list
of all those who have donated so far.

Are you on this list? Are you one of the 658 subscribers 
who has donated this year? 658 donors looks like a large number.
However, it is only 2.63% of our subscribers. 2.63% is a small
percentage of subscribers and we would like to see that 
number get bigger! 

Get your name on this list! Donate now!

List of 2010 Contributors:

Spaceship Captain (more than $1000) 

Arnold Zwicky
The LINGUIST List Advisors
Plus 1 anonymous donor
Spaceflight Engineer ($100 to $1000) 

Shanley Allen	      
Anthony Aristar
Elissa Asp	 
Julie Auger
Kornel Bangha	 
Isabelle Barriere
John Beaven	 
Heike Behrens
Emily M. Bender	 
Theresa Biberauer
Betty Birner	 
Lukas Bleichenbacher
Marisa Ferrara Boston	 
David Bowie
Ellen Broselow	 
Luisa Brucale
Mary Bucholtz	 
Laura Callahan
Carleton College	 
Andrew Carnie
Malgorzata E. Cavar	 
Damir Cavar
Paul Chapin	 
Jidong Chen
Linda Coleman	 
Bernard Comrie
Sharon Cote	 
Elizabeth Cowper
Hubert Cuyckens	 
Roberta D'Alessandro
Karen Davis	 
Anthony Davis
Department of Linguistics	 
Chris Donlay
Laura Downing	 
Stanley Dubinsky
Arienne M. Dwyer	 
Penelope Eckert
Cynthia Edmiston	 
anita fetzer
Edward Finegan	 
Susan D Fischer
Colleen Fitzgerald	 
Alison Gabriele
Anja Geumann	 
Keith Goeringer
Jeff Good	 
Gene Gragg
Luisa Granato	 
Kevin R. Gregg
Zenzi Griffin	 
Christine Gunlogson
Dr. MJ Hardman	 
Heidi Harley
Carolyn Hartnett	 
Martin Haspelmath
Peter and Jennifer Hendriks	 
Petra Hendriks
Earl M Herrick	 
C.-T. James Huang
Gregory Hullender	 
Maria Iliescu
Elsi Kaiser	 
Yoonjung Kang
Vsevolod Kapatsinski	 
Simin Karimi
Edward Keenan UCLA	 
Justin Kelly
Anna Kibort	 
Carol Klee
Seth Knox	 
Julia Kuznetsova
Carmen LeBlanc	 
Philip LeSourd
Rochelle Lieber	 
Donna Lillian
Vern M. Lindblad	 
Jackie Jia Lou
Monica Macaulay	 
Sven Mattys
Ora Matushansky	 
Claude Mauk
Ernest McCarus	 
William McClure
Betsy McDonald	 
Erin McKean
Josep M. Fontana and Louise McNally	 
Richard Meier
Judith Meinschaefer	 
Lise Menn
Hess Michael	 
Jeff Mielke
Karen Milligan	 
Danny Moates
Stephanie Morse	 
Dipika Mukherjee
Jean Mulder	 
Pam and Allen Munro
Kumiko Murasugi Murasugi	 
Bee Ng Nanyang Technological University, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Patricia Causey Nichols	      
Hannele Nicholson
Thor Sigurd Nilsen	 
Panayiotis Pappas
Penn Linguistics Club, University of Pennsylvania	 
Paul Peranteau
David Pesetsky	 
Michael Quinion
Martha Ratliff	 
Bert Remijsen
Keren Rice	 
Elizabeth Riddle
Catherne Rudin	 
Sarah Russe
Cinzia Russi	 
Laura Sabourin
Ivan Sag	 
Haruko Sakaedani
Kan Sasaki	 
Joanne Scheibman
Charles Scott	 
Jeffry Scott
Nitya Sethuraman	 
Roger Shuy
Jeff Siegel	 
Dan Slobin
Margaret Speas	 
Sanford Steever
Oliver Stegen	 
Donca Steriade
Shauna Eggers and Steve Moran	 
Gail Stygall
Surrey Morphology Group	 
Maite Taboada
Nobutaka Takara	 
Elena Tapia
Frances Trix	 
Cornelia Tschichold
Carla Umbach	 
Elly van Gelderen
Martin Volk	 
Zvjezdana Vrzic
Keith Walters	 
Thomas Wasow
Laurel Watkins	 
Amy and Norbert Weinberg and Hornstein
Jason Whitt	 
Ronnie Wilbur
Kemp Williams	 
Ian Wilson
Elizabeth Winkler
Margaret Winters	 
Richard Wright
Jie Zhang	 
Institute of Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Peter Öhl
Plus 18 anonymous donors

Consulting Xenologist ($50 to $100) 

Byron Ahn   
Rizwan Ahmad American University of Kuwait	 
Xabier Artiagoitia
Megan Avram	 
Wendy Bannister
Joaquim Barbosa	 
John Beavers	  
Andrea Berez
Victoria Bergvall	 
Anne Bezuidenhout	  
Claudia Borgonovo
Charlotte Brammer	 
Sophia Malamud Brandeis Linguistics	 
Anne Breitbarth
Jean Ann Bruce Peng	 
Marc Brunelle   
Adrienne Bruyn
Adam Buchwald	 
Michael Cahill	 
Mary L. Clayton and R. Joe Campbell
Ivano Caponigro	 
Katy Carlson	  
Eugenia Casielles
Katherine Chen	 
Chauncey Chu	  
Elaine Chun
Cynthia Clopper	 
Benjamin Cool	  
Maria Cristina Cuervo
Marie-Hélène Côté	 
Mary Dalrymple		    
Nicole Dehe
Dorothy Disterheft	 
Mercedes Durham		  
Joseph Errington
Joseph Eska	 
Rosa Montes & Jim Fidelholtz	 
Susann Fischer
Nicholas Fleisher	 
Stefan Frisch		  
Ruth Frowein
Lisa Galvin	 
Anna Gavarró	 
Chiara Gianollo
Luis Gonzalez	 
Michael Goodman	  
Martina Gracanin-Yuksek
Lydia Grebenyova	 
Melanie Green		  
Aaron Griffith
Jane Grimshaw	 
Peter Grund	  
Elena Guerzoni
Ricardo Gómez 
Youssef Haddad	      
Joan Hall
Daphna Heller	 
Norah Hogoboom	  
Heather Holmback
Grover Hudson	 
Richard Hudson	  
Janneke Huitink
Mae Hurley	 
Shlomo izreel	  
Albin Jaques
Jan Joachimsen	 
Jo Johnson	  
Remi Jolivet
Victor T Jones III	 
alla Jongman    
Henrik Jørgensen	
Arsalan Kahnemuyipour	 
Sameer Khan		  
Prescott Klassen
Hannes & Gabriele Kniffka	 
Sabri Koc	   
Veronika Koller
Elena Kozerenko	 
Joost Kremers	  
Bernard Kripkee
Mayo Kudo	 
Nayoung Kwon	  
Johanna Laakso
Nils Langer	 
Janie Lee	  
Adrian Leemann
Manuel Leonetti	 
Anastassia Loukina
Olga Lovick	 
Joanna Lowenstein	 
Anke Luedeling
Sara Mack	 
Ian MacKay	  
Stephen Mann
Roger Martin	 
Michael Maxwell	  
Laia Mayol
Dana McDaniel	 
Edward McDonald	  
David McDonald
Jose-Luis Mendivil	 
Wolfgang Meyer		  
Line Mikkelsen
Mira Ariel Mira Ariel	 
Joke Mondada	 
Isabel Pérez and Norberto Moreno Quiben
Regina Morin	     
Ana Muller	      
Sarah Murray
Ilana Mushin	 
Daniela Müller 
Keigo NODA
Muriel Norde	 
Dimitrios Ntelitheos	 
Loretta O'Connor
Neil Olsen	 
Mark Overstreet	  
Sandra Pappert
Cornelia Paraskevas	 
Lisa Pearl		  
Elizabeth Peterson
Roland Pfau	 
Stefanie Pillai	  
Cristina Piva
Marie Ploquin	 
Laurel Preston	  
Ljiljana Progovac
Kathryn Pruitt	 
Josep Quer	  
Xose Luis Regueira
Ray Reighart	 
Peter Richtsmeier	 
Kristina Riedel
Laura Robinson	 
Tom Roeper	  
Sara Rosen
joana rossello	 
Erich Round	  
Vieri Samek-Lodovici
Chatchawadee Saralamba	 
Uli Sauerland		  
gabriele schwiertz
Ruth Singer	
Trudith Smoke	 
Bernard Spolsky
Barbara Stiebels	 
Mary Taffet		  
Darren Tanner
Michal Temkin Martinez	 
Alana Thorpe   
Alfredo Torrejon
Bethany Townsend	 
Kenneth Trease		  
Suzanne van der Feest
Humphrey van Polanen Petel	 
Mary Ann Walter	      
anja wanner
Alicia Wassink	 
Galit Weidman Sassoon	 
Howard Williams
Heather Willson	 
Richard Winters	  
Bencie Woll
Lynsey Wolter	 
Valerie Wust	  
Tomoko Yasutake
Hirokatsu Yoshihara	
Mary Zampini		 
Laurie Zaring
Frauke Zeller	 
Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin
Plus 26 anonymous donors

Mission Ground Control  (Up to $50) 

Jason Abernethy		 
Matthew Adams		  
Tor A. Afarli
Hyunjung Ahn	 
Hyunjung Ahn	  
Josep Alba-Salas
Edith Aldridge	 
Rachael Allbritten	 
Cecelia Ovesdotter Alm
Eduardo Alvarez	    
Erin Ament	     
Jason Shaw and Caroline Teel
Peter Arkadiev  
Lynnette Arnold	 
Sergio Baauw
Caleb Barr	 
Grant Barrett	  
Michael Barrie
Anna Bauer	 
Erica Beck	  
Mayrene Bentley
Anton Benz	 
Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero		 
Sonya Bird
Christina Bjorndahl	 
Michal Brody		  
Kim Bruce
Amy Campbell	 
Akiyo Cantrell	  
Angela Carpenter
Casey Carroll	 
Scott Catledge	  
Rui Chaves
Narayan Choudhary	 
sarah churng		  
Kevin Bretonnel Cohen
Uriel Cohen Priva	 
Brandon Cooper		  
Mary T Copple
Claire Cowie	 
Michael CUNY	  
Cecelia Cutler
winifred davies	 
Maria Eugenia de Luna Villalón	
Hannah De Mulder
Ingrid de Saint-Georges	 
Julia Deak		  
Rachel Deal
Bridgette DeCot	 
Gerald Delahunty  
Dirk-Bart den Ouden
Jeannette Denton	 
Catherine Diederich	  
Bryan Donaldson
Philip Dudchuk	 
Vera Dvorak	  
Peter Ecke
Angeliki Efthymiou, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece	 
Astrid Ensslin	     
Patience Epps
Chris Evans	 
Caleb Everett	  
Jo-Anne Ferreira
Daniel Finer	 
Marissa Fond	  
lyn frazier
David Gaatone				  
Roey Gafter
Megan Gaston	 
Katherine Geenberg	 
Ryan Georgi
Cornelia Gerhardt	 
Sharon Gerlach		  
Jila Ghomeshi
Heinz Giegerich	 
Kevin Glover	  
Lotus Goldberg
Matthew Goldrick	 
David Goss-Grubbs	  
Lydia Green
Stefan Th. Gries	 
michael grosvald	  
Theres Grueter
Rodrigo Gutierrez-Bravo	 
Jacqueline Guéron  
Scott Gwara
Insa Gülzow	 
Mami Hackl		  
Svetlana Harnisch-Treskova
Ourania Hatzidaki	 
fredrik heinat		  
Manami Hirayama
Robin Elizabeth Hooper	 
Julia Huettner	 
Russell Hugo
Monica Irimia	 
Scott Jackson	  
Milos Jakubicek
Dan Jinguji	 
Ellen Kaisse	  
ivan kapitonov
Monika Kavalir	 
Goh Kawai	  
Istvan Kecskes
Sandra Keller	 
Stephan Kepser	  
Viktor Kharlamov
Scott Kiesling	 
Brian King	  
Corinne Kirchner
Hiroaki Kitano	 
Naoko Komoto	  
Andrew Koontz-Garboden
Natalia Korotkova	 
Ania Kubisz		  
Meri Larjavaara
Raymond LaVerghetta	 
Tania Leal Mendez	  
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld
Tracy Lennertz	 
Joshua Levy	  
grit liebscher
Jonathan Lim	 
Kelvin Lui	  
Edmundo Luna
Sujin Lyu	 
Yolanda G. López Franco
J.Lachlan Mackenzie
Sébastien Marengo	 
Liliana Martinez  
Scott McGinnis
Katy McKinney-Bock	 
Grzegorz Michalski	  
James Michnowicz	 
Anna Mikhaylova		  
Amanda Miller
Ron Moe	 Hirono Mogi	 
Heiko Narrog
Tatiana Nikitina	 
Chad Nilep		  
Tomomi Nishikawa (Hasegawa)
Ellen O'Connor	  
Polly O'Rourke	   
Toshiyuki Ogihara
Dennis Ott	 
Sarah Ouwayda	  
Meghan Oxley
Naomi Palosaari	 
María Victoria Pavón Lucero	 
James Pennington
Aubrey Phillips	 
Sandra Phillips	  
Ginger Pizer
Vladimir Plungian	 
stella podgornik	  
Laurie Poulson
Alicia Pousada	 
Kilu von Prince	  
Jeffrey Punske
Andreia Rauber	 
Anne Reboul	  
Sylvia Reed
Paul Reed	 
Lara Reglero	  
Rosalia Rodriguez-Vazquez
Masha Rozhnova	 
Esther Ruigendijk	 
Christopher Sams
Laurie Sanders	 
Agnes Sandor	  
Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix
Ole Schuetzler	 
Evgeny Shaulskiy  
Alexander Shchetnikov Shchetnikov
Mark Shea  
Rebecca Shields
Ellenor Shoemaker	 
Radek Simik		  
Janne Skaffari
Anna Smirnova	 
Ute Smit	  
Eileen Smith
Laura Smith	 
E. Allyn Smith	  
Jeanne Sprott	 
Deniz Tat	  
John the Poodle Taylor
John te Velde	 
Daniel Tight	  
Judith Tonhauser
Sarah van Vliet	 
Barbara Vance	  
Jonathan Washington	 
Tracey Weldon		  
Alexander Werny
Christina Willis	 
Julie Winter Winter	  
Fay Wouk
Cuijun Wu	 
Fei Xia		  
saihua xia
Zhiguo Xie	 
Shuichi Yatabe	  
Maya Yuting Yeh
Karen Zagona	 
Bob Frank and Raffaella Zanuttini	 
Jing Zhao
Zoe Ziliak	 
Heike Zinsmeister
Plus 59 anonymous donors

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