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22.4831, Calls: Morphology, Historical Linguistics/Germany

  1) From:      Matthew Baerman <m.baerman at>
     Subject:   Growth, Maintenance and Decline of Morphological Complexity

22.4832, Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/USA

  1) From:      Paul Matsuda <paul.matsuda at>
     Subject:   Symposium on Second Language Writing 2012

22.4833, Confs: Biolinguistics, Cognitive Science, General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Bridget Samuels <bridget.samuels at>
     Subject:   LSA Meeting Organized Session on Biolinguistics

22.4834, Calls: French, Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Discourse Analysis/Jordan

  1) From:      Abdelhadi Bellachhab <bellachhab.abdelhadi at>
     Subject:   Discours et Communication Didactiques en FLE

22.4835, Qs: Looking for Translations of Phrase

  1) From:      Philip Bralich <pbralich at>
     Subject:   Looking for Translations of Phrase

22.4836, TOC: Journal of East Asian Linguistics 20/4 (2011)

  1) From:      Jolanda Voogd <Jolanda.Voogd at>
     Subject:   Journal of East Asian Linguistics Vol. 20, No. 4 (2011)

22.4837, TOC: The International Journal of Speech, Language and... 18/2 (2011)

  1) From:      Janet Joyce <jjoyce at>
     Subject:   The International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law Vol. 18, No. 2 (2011)

22.4838, Calls: Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Socioling/France

  1) From:      Jose Aguilar <aquilario at>
     Subject:   Didactique des Langues, des Textes et des Cultures 2012

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