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22.5140, Calls: Phonetics, Phonology/France

  1) From:      Sophie Wauquier <sophie.wauquier at>
     Subject:   French Phonology: Réseau Français de Phonologie

22.5141, Calls: English, Discourse Analysis, Socioling, Pragmatics/Poland

  1) From:      Monika Pieczynska <textscodes at>
     Subject:   British/American TV Series - Young Researchers Conference

22.5142, Calls: Psycholing, Semantics, General Ling/Poland

  1) From:      Aleksander Golanowski-Gorecki <textscodes at>
     Subject:   Language/Music - Young Researchers Conference

22.5143, Calls: Applied Ling/ Arizona Working Papers in SLA & Teaching (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Hsin-I Chen <awp at>
     Subject:   Second Call for Papers: Arizona Working Papers in SLA & Teaching

22.5144, Review: Applied Ling; Lang Acquisition; Pragmatics: Brown (2011)

  1) From:      Jieun Ryu <jryu at>
     Subject:   Korean Honorifics and Politeness in Second Language Learning

22.5145, Jobs: German; Psycholing/Neuroling/Clinical Ling: Full Prof, U Salzburg

  1) From:      Hubert Haider <hubert.haider at>
     Subject:   German; Psycholinguistics; Neurolinguistics; Clinical Linguistics: Full Professor, University Salzburg, Austria

22.5146, Jobs: Comp Ling: Globalisation Process Expert, euroscript Deutschland

  1) From:      Anette Neuhaus <anette.neuhaus at>
     Subject:   German; English; Computational Linguistics: Globalisation Process Expert, euroscript Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, Germany

22.5147, Jobs: Multimodal Communication: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, UCL

  1) From:      Professor Gabriella Vigliocco <g.vigliocco at>
     Subject:   Multimodal Communication: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University College London, United Kingdom

22.5148, Jobs: Language Technology: Director, Indiana University-Bloomington

  1) From:      Allie Gibbs <allgibbs at>
     Subject:   Language Technology & Instructional Enrichment: Director, Indiana University-Bloomington, IN, USA

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