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22.2152, Calls: Sociolinguistics, General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Regina Morin < rmorin at >
     Subject:   40th Linguistic Association of the Southwest

22.2153, Calls: Cognitive Science, Linguistic Theories/USA

  1) From:      Tamas Biro < t.s.biro at >
     Subject:   Optimality Theory as a General Cognitive Architecture

22.2154, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Forensic Ling, Text/Corpus Ling/China

  1) From:      Ning Ye < LLDmall at >
     Subject:   2nd International Conference on Law, Language and Discourse

22.2155, FYI: Experiment: Interpretation of a Crisis Call

  1) From:      Helen Fraser < helenbfraser at >
     Subject:   Experiment: Interpretation of a Crisis Call

22.2156, Books: Applied Ling/Ling Theories/Philosophy of Lang/Semantics: Liu

  1) From:      Christian Bieri < publicity at >
     Subject:   Vygotsky's psycho-semiotics: Liu

22.2157, FYI: Universal Subtitles for Linguists

  1) From:      Nicholas Reville < npr at >
     Subject:   Universal Subtitles for Linguists

22.2158, Books: Discourse Analysis/Ling & Lit/Socioling: Miller

  1) From:      Allison Finkel < allison.finkel at >
     Subject:   Accented America: Miller

22.2159, Books: Discourse Analysis/Sociolinguistics: Stivers

  1) From:      Allison Finkel < allison.finkel at >
     Subject:   Prescribing under Pressure: Stivers

22.2160, Books: Anthro Ling/Applied Ling/Lang Acquisition/Socioling: Chimbutane

  1) From:      Elinor Robertson < marketing at >
     Subject:   Rethinking Bilingual Education in Postcolonial Contexts: Chimbutane

22.2161, Books: Translation: Forstner, Lee-Jahnke, Wang (Eds)

  1) From:      Christian Bieri < publicity at >
     Subject:   CIUTI-Forum 2009: Forstner, Lee-Jahnke, Wang (Eds)

22.2162, Review: Linguistic Theories; Syntax: Fawcett (2010)

  1) From:      Evans Mecha < evans_gesura at >
     Subject:   A Theory of Syntax for Systemic Functional Linguistics

22.2163, TOC: Virittäjä 115/1 (2011)

  1) From:      Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara < virittaja-tilaukset at >
     Subject:   Virittäjä Vol. 115, No. 1 (2011)

22.2164, Calls: App. Ling./Journal of the National Council of Less Comm... (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Danko Sipka < Danko.Sipka at >
     Subject:   Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages

22.2165, Support: Computational Logic: Ma / MSc Student, FUB, Italy

  1) From:      Enrico Franconi < info at fub.computational-logic >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics, Computational Logic: Ma / MSc Student, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), Italy

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