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22.2189, Review: Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis: Gee (2010)

  1) From:      Mariza Georgalou < m.georgalou at, m.georgalou at >
     Subject:   How to do Discourse Analysis: A Toolkit

22.2190, Calls: Computational Ling, Text/Corpus Ling, Discipline of Ling/USA

  1) From:      Arienne Dwyer < idrh at >
     Subject:   Representing Knowledge in the Digital Humanities

22.2191, Calls: Phonetics, Forensic Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Geoffrey Stewart Morrison < asa at >
     Subject:   Forensic Acoustics Special Session at ASA

22.2192, Qs: Surveys: Compliments and Compliment Responses

  1) From:      Tahereh Hajizadeh < t.hajizade at >
     Subject:   Surveys: Compliments and Compliment Responses

22.2193, Sum: Theoretical Ling: Summer Schools and Equivalents

  1) From:      Hagit Borer < borer at >
     Subject:   Theoretical Ling: Summer Schools and Equivalents

22.2194, Confs: Sociolinguistics/Germany

  1) From:      Sebastian Knospe < seknospe at >
     Subject:   3rd Conference on Language Contact in Times of Globalization

22.2195, Confs: Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics/Norway

  1) From:      Dagmar Haumann < dagmar.haumann at >
     Subject:   (Psycho)linguistic Approaches to Language Contact, Bilingualism and Code Switching

22.2196, Confs: Syntax/Hong Kong

  1) From:      Sze-Wing Tang < swtang at >
     Subject:   Attributive Particle in Chinese Dialects

22.2197, Books: Applied Ling/Discourse Analysis/Pragmatics/Socioling: Geluykens

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Politeness in Institutional Discourse: Geluykens

22.2198, Books: Morphology/Syntax/Lang Documentation/Phonetics: Torceanu

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   A Simplified Grammar of the Roumanian Language: Torceanu

22.2199, Books: Applied Linguistics/General Linguistics: Grzega

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Introduction to Linguistics from a Global Perspective: Grzega

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