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22.3793, Review: Morphology; Phonology: Frampton (2009)

  1) From:      Michael Maxwell < maxwell at >
     Subject:   Distributed Reduplication

22.3794, Diss: Philosophy of Lang/pragmatics: Lassiter: 'Measurement and ...'

  1) From:      Daniel Lassiter < danlassiter at >
     Subject:   Measurement and Modality: The scalar basis of modal semantics

22.3795, Diss: Phonetics/Socioling: Kaiser: 'Sociophonetics of Hmong ...'

  1) From:      Eden Kaiser < kaise113 at >
     Subject:   Sociophonetics of Hmong American English

22.3796, Diss: Anthro Ling: Nash: 'Insular Toponymies: Pristine Place-naming...'

  1) From:      Joshua Nash < joshua.nash at >
     Subject:   Insular Toponymies: Pristine Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

22.3797, Diss: Anthro Ling: Sjoerdsma: 'Evidentiality and Intersubjectivity ...'

  1) From:      Sonja Gipper < sonja.gipper at >
     Subject:   Evidentiality and Intersubjectivity in Yurakaré: An interactional account

22.3798, Books: Lang Documentation/Phonology/Morphology: Van Otterloo

  1) From:      Brian Homoleski < publications_intl at >
     Subject:   The Kifuliiru Language volume 1:  Phonology, Tone, and Morphology Derivation: Van Otterloo

22.3799, Books: Phonology/Linguistic Theories: Backley

  1) From:      Anna Glazier < Anna.Glazier at >
     Subject:   An Introduction to Element Theory: Backley

22.3800, Books: Discourse Analysis/Sociolinguistics/Pragmatics: Márquez Reiter

  1) From:      Anna Glazier < Anna.Glazier at >
     Subject:   Mediated Business Interactions: Márquez Reiter

22.3801, Books: Discourse Analysis/Philosophy of Lang/Semantics: Underhill

  1) From:      Anna Glazier < Anna.Glazier at >
     Subject:   Creating Worldviews: Underhill

22.3802, Books: Morphology: Maiden, Smith, Goldbach, Hinzelin (Eds)

  1) From:      Jeri Dash < jeri.dash at >
     Subject:   Morphological Autonomy: Maiden, Smith, Goldbach, Hinzelin (Eds)

22.3803, Books: Discourse Analysis/Historical Ling/Semantics/Syntax: Batic (Ed)

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders < lincom.europa at >
     Subject:   Emotional Encoding in African Languages: Batic (Ed)

22.3804, Qs: Subjects Needed for Fantasy Project

  1) From:      June Luchjenbroers < junel at >
     Subject:   Subjects Needed for Fantasy Project

22.3805, Qs: Survey: Language Learning Beliefs

  1) From:      Ron Peek < ronpeeknl at >
     Subject:   Survey: Language Learning Beliefs

22.3806, TOC: Reading and Writing 24/9 (2011)

  1) From:      Jolanda Voogd < Jolanda.Voogd at >
     Subject:   Reading and Writing Vol. 24, No. 9 (2011)

22.3807, Jobs: English; Academic Editor, Armstrong-Hilton Limited

  1) From:      Peter Day < pete at >
     Subject:   English; Academic Editing: Academic Editor, Armstrong-Hilton Limited

22.3808, Calls: Applied Linguistics/ The TFLTA Journal (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Patricia Davis-Wiley < pdwiley at >
     Subject:   The TFLTA Journal

22.3809, Confs: Portuguese,Spanish,Lang Acquisition,Applied Ling,Phonology/USA

  1) From:      D. Eric Holt < holt at >
     Subject:   Workshops on Experimental Methods and Research Tools

22.3810, Jobs: Theoretical/Experimental/Comp Ling: Asst Prof, U of Michigan

  1) From:      Sandie Petee < spetee at >
     Subject:   Theoretical/Experimental/Computational Linguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, USA

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