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24.2646, Review: Syntax; Dutch; English: Aelbrecht (2010)

  1) From:      Meredith Johnson <majohnson25 at>
     Subject:   The Syntactic Licensing of Ellipsis

24.2647, Review: Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics; Chinese, Mandarin: Pan & Kádár (2013)

  1) From:      Patrick Callier <prc23 at>
     Subject:   Chinese Discourse and Interaction

24.2648, Confs: German, Syntax, Pragmatics, Text/Corpus Ling/France

  1) From:      Hélène Vinckel-Roisin <helene.vinckel at>
     Subject:   Das „Nachfeld” im Deutschen zwischen Syntax, Informationsstruktur und Textkonstitution

24.2649, Confs: Multilingualism, Psycholing, Lang Acq, Neuroling, Socioling/Norway

  1) From:      Elizabeth Lanza <elizabeth.lanza at>
     Subject:   MultiLing: Opening Conference

24.2650, Confs: English, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Poland

  1) From:      Martin Hinton <mdhinton at>
     Subject:   Sieradz English Teaching and Research Forum

24.2651, Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Computational Ling, Psycholing/Netherlands

  1) From:      Raquel Fernandez <raquel.fernandez at>
     Subject:   SemDial 2013: 17th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

24.2652, Calls: Psycholinguistics, Typology, General Linguistics/Germany

  1) From:      Petra Schulz <P.Schulz at>
     Subject:   DGfS 2014 Workshop: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Relative Clauses Reconciled

24.2653, Calls: General Linguistics/France

  1) From:      Samira Ibnelkaïd <samiraibnelkaid at>
     Subject:   Interactions Multimodales Par ECran

24.2654, Diss: Syntax: Maché: 'On Black Magic - How Epistemic Modifiers Emerge'

  1) From:      Jakob Maché <Jakob.Mache at>
     Subject:   On Black Magic - How Epistemic Modifiers Emerge

24.2655, Review: Translation: Toury (2012)

  1) From:      Jonathan Downie <jonathan.downie at>
     Subject:   Descriptive Translation Studies – and beyond

24.2656, Calls: Psycholing, Cognitive Sci, Neuroling, Typology, Philosophy of Lang/Germany

  1) From:      Dietmar Zaefferer <zaefferer at>
     Subject:   DGfS 2014 Workshop: Converging Evidence? Embodied Views of Basic Categories in Language and Cognition

24.2657, Calls: Computational Linguistics/Spain

  1) From:      Dagmar Gromann <dagmar.gromann at>
     Subject:   7th International Workshop on Modular Ontologies

24.2658, Confs: Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language/Spain

  1) From:      Anamaria Falaus <anamariafalaus at>
     Subject:   Sinn und Bedeutung 18

24.2659, Books: La Pragmatique Linguistique: Costăchescu

  1) From:      Ulrich Lueders <lincom.europa at>
     Subject:   La Pragmatique Linguistique: Costăchescu

24.2660, Books: Al-cArabiyya: Bassiouney

  1) From:      Maureen Mills <mm634 at>
     Subject:   Al-cArabiyya: Bassiouney

24.2661, Books: Selected Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics: Carvalho, Beaudrie (Eds)

  1) From:      Michael Bernstein <michael at>
     Subject:   Selected Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics: Carvalho, Beaudrie (Eds)

24.2662, Books: Spoken and Written Discourse in Online Interactions: Sindoni

  1) From:      Nuria Ruiz <nuria.ruiz at>
     Subject:   Spoken and Written Discourse in Online Interactions: Sindoni

24.2663, Books: Finding Focus: Komen

  1) From:      Mariëtte Bonenkamp <lot at>
     Subject:   Finding Focus: Komen

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